Watch the Newest C-130 Do a Gat Dang Loop

The civilian LM-100J showed off its best stunts at the 2018 Farnborough International Airshow.

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The Best Laptops and Chromebooks for Students

Laptops have become a must-have, back-to-school buy. Here are the best bets so you get your money's worth.

home entertainment system
How to Build a Great Home Entertainment System

Go from a hollow, audio nightmare to lush, warm sound in no time.

Cyclist Falls Through Drawbridge
Cyclist Falls Through Drawbridge in Terrifying Video

A Wisconsin cyclist ignored the warning gates and rode a little too close to the raised bridge span

Bad Weather 'Stormbreaker' Bomb Enters Testing

The all-weather precision guided bomb could enter service next year.

The Making Of Alentejo Wines
Traces of the Fukushima Meltdown Can Be Found in California Wines

Researchers found increased levels of radioactive particles in wines made after Japan's Fukushima meltdown.

What's Inside This 2,000-Year-Old Mystery Sarcophagus?

More importantly, why are people petitioning to drink its sewage juice?

This Massive Dust Storm Could Engulf Mars for Months

A giant dust storm has covered Mars's entire surface and could last until September.

Why Do Crows Have Sex with the Dead?

A researcher investigates the strange phenomenon of crow necrophilia.

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This Bluetooth Speaker Doubles as a Power Bank

Charge your devices while blasting your music

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parker space probe illustration
Why the Sun-Studying Parker Space Probe Won't Melt

It's heat shield makes the sun's corona feel like a day at the beach, literally.

Full Frame Shot Of Nuts And Bolts
Amazon's New Tool Helps You Find the Right Screw

Amazon's Part Finder app uses computer vision and user input to find the right part to finish your project.

Look Up! Mars Is Brighter This Month Than It Has Been in 15 Years

The Red Planet will reach peak brightness on July 27, just in time for the total lunar eclipse in some parts of the world.

Get This Great VPN for 75 Percent Off

NordVPN reigns supreme when it comes to security, convenience, and privacy.

Here’s Exactly How to Clean Your Gross Hydration Pack

Learn how to keep it free of mold, mildew, and bacteria.

This Philips Hue Starter Pack Is $50 Off Right Now

If you missed the Prime Day sale, it's not too late to get started with smart home lighting.

Curiosity Rover Defeated by Mysteriously Hard Rock

The Mars rover finally met a rock it couldn't best.

Spain’s Newest Submarine is Too Big For Port

The Isaac Peral was redesigned to solve buoyancy problems and is now too large to fit in its own port.

How Climate Change Could Break the Internet
A new look at sea-level rise projections discovered a threat to coastal internet infrastructure that may come much sooner than expected…
chinese baby snake amber
Oldest Ever Baby Snake Discovered in Forest Amber

The new species is rewriting the history of snakes.

Spontaneous Combustion of Tortilla Chips Causes Factory Fire

Hope you like 'em hot!

The "Mega Skyport" Is a Fanciful Future Landing Spot for Uber’s Flying Taxis

The architectural details of a new kind of transportation hub reveal a reshaped cityscape if passenger-carrying drones fill the air.