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Hyperion Sleeping Bag Review: Never Fear the Cold

At only 1lb. 40z., this sleeping bag is your next winter camping companion.

The Best Rain Jackets for Keeping Dry
Rain doesn't stop the truly adventurous, but these jackets will make…
How to Adjust a Derailleur
It looks complicated, but if you know how a derailleur works, you ca…
The Best Sunglasses for Every Outdoor Activity
Spend enough time outside, and your eyes will need protection—purpos…
Why Are Hydro Flask Bottles Everywhere Now?
Thank the combination of historic technology and modern-day updates …
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Austria, Salzburg, Young couple skiing on mountain
You're Probably Skiing on the Wrong Skis. I Was.

Skis are looking more and more like mini-snowboards. Here’s why that’s bad.

Is an Outdoor Gear Subscription Worth It?

Cairn will deliver fun useful gear to your door at the start of each month.

The Best Tactical Backpacks for Tackling Whatever Comes Your Way

For carrying what you need, when you absolutely need it.

The Best Beanies for Keeping Your Head Warm

When the temperatures drop, these hats will add some warmth—and some style.

The Best Gear From the Outdoor Retailer Winter Show

The best new stuff for making your outdoor adventures even better.

The Best Gear for Surviving the Next Winter Storm

Hunker down, stay warm, and make yourself a drink.

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Heavy Snowfall In Greece
The Best Parkas for Surviving the Winter

Many coats stop at the waist. That's a problem.

The North Face's New Fabric Is Waterproof, Breathable, and Brought to You by Science

The North Face's stretchy Futurelight garment is woven together with some serious science.

The Best Puffy Jackets for Tackling the Cold

For a lot of warmth in a packable jacket, it has to be a puffy. Here are our favorites.

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Man working out on exercise bike at home
The 8 Best Exercise Bikes for Your Home Gym

Skip out on the studio hassles and get a ride in at home.

They Actually Test "Bear Resistant" Coolers on Bears, And This Is How

It means they threw this Pelican to some Grizzlys in Yellowstone to see what would happen.

The Best Gear of the Year

PM's Gear Guy picks his favorite stuff from 2018.

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