8 Terrific Roof Top Tents That Make Camping a Breeze

Roof top tents assemble in seconds, which allow you more time around the campfire and less time fiddling with tent poles.

front runner roof top tent

Roof top tents (sometimes just RTT) are more popular than ever, due to their convenience and an abundance of and adventure seeking campers. Securely attached to a rack that is positioned on the roof of a truck or car, these tents can be deployed instantly. All you have to do is simply unfold them and lower a ladder to gain access to the tent.

Camping from a roof top tent provides a great vantage point, and by sleeping off the ground you'll have less to worry about when it comes to bugs and critters entering your tent. Best of all, because these tents can be setup so quickly, you can spend more time hiking or fishing.

We've listed some of the most popular roof top tents that will get any outdoor adventurer's blood pumping.

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Front Runner Outfitters Roof Top Tent
Front Runner Rooftop Tent

Front Runner got its start in the rugged outdoors of South Africa, and has withstood the toughest terrain during expeditions around the world. Their low-profile roof top tent weighs less than 100 lbs. which helps save valuable fuel during those long treks. The tent is made from Oxford 400D tent fabric that is strong, breathable, mold resistant, and waterproof. A durable 1000D PVC cover protects the tent when not in use. Improve the usability of your vehicle by installing the tent with their new , that make loading and unloading your rooftop tent easier than ever.

Tepui Baja Series
Tepui Baja Series

The Tepui Baja Series roof-top tents are the ideal solution for explorers who camp year-round. The tent utilizes a Zipper Gimp to attach the canopy to the tent base which allows you to interchange the canopy depending on the conditions: a mesh shade canopy for hot humid weather, a lightweight nylon rip-stop canopy for spring time, or an aluminized canopy for inclement weather. A detachable rainfly is also included. Only one type of canopy is included, but you can purchase additional canopies as needed.

Yakima Skyrise
yakima skyrise

Yakima has been in the roof rack game for years, and has recently unveiled the Skyrise rooftop tent that is available in small and medium sizes. The tent is made from 210D nylon which is light and breathable and includes mesh panels for ventilation and star gazing. The included rainfly has a waterproof PU coating, but it's best left off in the summer to enjoy expansive views.

Smittybuilt Overlander
Smittybuilt Overlander Tent
Curtis Tyler Szajkovics

Smittybuilt is known for producing an entire line of off-roading products, so it was only natural for them to jump into the RTT game. Smittybuilt's Overlander is made to sleep two and weighs only 118 pounds which makes it ideal for cars and racks with lower weight capacities. You can find this tent online for around $850.

ARB Simpson

ARB air lockers, bull bars, fridges and roof top tents, are some of the most coveted 4x4 accessories around. The new ARB Simpson roof top tent is easy to set up and provides maximum ventilation when needed, as well as a lighter high density mattress which makes it easier to fold when packing up. It can be configured to unfold off the side (shown) or rear of your vehicle.

CVT Mt. Rainier
CVT Mt. Rainier Roof top tent
Kyle Renzelman

The CVT Mt. Rainier is huge with a sleeping area of 72 inches by 96. The drop-down annex is 8 feet square, providing more than enough room to enjoy reading and meals in a bug free environment, as well as additional space for campers. This roof top tent is available for $1,895 and can fit the whole family.

James Baroud Evasion
James Baroud tent
Theron Humphrey

The James Baroud Evasion is a hard shell roof top tent that features a fiberglass polyester shell and provides sleeping space for two adults and a child. A solar powered vent built into the upper hull creates extra ventilation and can be reversed and used as an exhaust fan to prevent condensation buildup. Contact a local dealer for prices, but plan on spending a good amount for what's generally considered the top-of-the-line in roof top tents.

Mombasa Adventure II
Mombasa Adventure II
Kyle Renzelman

The popular Mombasa Adventure II roof top tent has been in production for a few years and is set to be re-released this summer. It sleeps 3 and is shown here mounted on an off-road trailer which gives you even more room for gear atop your car or truck. Like most tents, the frame is aluminum tubing and it also includes a 2 1/2-inch foam mattress. Previous models were priced around $800, making it one of the lower priced roof top tents available.

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