Timothy Dahl

Timothy Dahl

DIY Editor

Measure twice, cut once.

The Best Generators To Keep Your Home Running Through a Storm

Stay safe and powered on with these home generators.

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How to Keep Lights On When the Power Fails

We provide the answers to the 10 most common generator questions.

Two Million Ford F-150 Trucks are Recalled Over Fire Concerns

Sparks from the front seat belts have been reported.

car wash
How to Wash Your Car Like a Pro

There is much more to washing and wa when it comes to cleaning and protecting your vehicle's paint.

The Best New Outdoor Gas Grills to Rule Patio Season

Get ready for summer with these new gas grills for all budgets.

The Best Leaf Vacuum for Yards of Any Size

Use a leaf vacuum to collect leaves without creating a mess.

Turning On Modern Air Purifier And Ionizer
The Best Air Purifier for a Breath of Fresh Air

Clean and maintain your indoor air with these popular air purifiers.

Craftsman Is Back

Stanley Black & Decker has relaunched the iconic tool brand with over 1,200 new tools and products.

The Best Bluetooth Speakers You Can Buy

Your music comes in all shapes and sizes.

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The Best Lights for Illuminating Your Campsite

Kick that old-fashioned lantern to the curb.

Here's How Much the New Ford Ranger Will Cost

The midsize truck legend returns after a 7-year absence.

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The Best Space Heater for the Cold Winter Ahead

Here's the best way to stay toasty for those cold winter months.

How to Choose the Best Gun Storage

Whether you use a gun case, a lock box, or a full safe, be responsible and secure your firearms all the time.

The Best Cordless Stick Vacuums for Cleaning Your Home

These low-profile vacuums are convenient to use and more powerful than ever.

portable air conditioner
The Best Portable Air Conditioners

Beat the heat with these portable air conditioners that are good on energy and can be stored in the winter.

Lawn mower
The Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

For large yards with hilly terrain, a self-propelled lawn mower is a must-have.

Woman packing first aid kit
The 7 Best First Aid Kits For Any Situation

Don't get caught off guard in an emergency.

The Best Adventure Gear at Outdoor Retailer's Summer Show

The very best stuff from the biggest adventure gear show in the nation.

How to Hang a TV

Mounting kits make it easy to hang your own TV.

The Best Backpack Coolers to Haul Your Favorite Food and Drinks

Take your cooler anywhere with these backpack designs.

The Best Pellet Smokers To Elevate Your Meat Game

These easy-to-use pellet smokers will turn you into a BBQ pitmaster overnight.

The Best Stud Finders to Finish the Job

Stud finders are invaluable for hanging heavy pictures, mirrors, and planters.

The Best Games to Play in Your Backyard This Summer

When the weather is nice, it's time to move the fun times outdoors.

The Best Stand Up Paddleboard for Any Adventure

Thinking about getting into stand up paddleboarding? Great. Now it's time to choose the best board for you.

The Best Tape Measures Out There

A trusty tape measure is an invaluable tool for DIYers and contractors.