Eric Limer

Deputy Editor

Eric Limer lives in New York and covers gadgets, and technology policy. 

Microsoft's New Customizable Xbox Controller Helps Make Video Games Way More Accessible

The "Adaptive Controller" helps folks who can't use a traditional controller find a setup that works for them.

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Senate Votes in Favor of Saving Net Neutrality

The battle for the free and open internet is far from over, and now moves to the House.

The Huge Advantages (and One Problem) of LED Traffic Lights

Sometimes efficiency can bring on surprising new problems.

The Boosted Mini Is a Hell of a Ride, Except for One Thing

The Mini's mix of size and power give it a complicated mix of pros and cons.

BostonDynamic's SpotMini Is Out on Patrol

Autonomous navigation shows the potential for a robo guard dog.

The Senate Will Vote on Net Neutrality

It's an uphill battle, but everyone will have to pick a side.

Soon, You Won't Even Know If You're Talking to a Robot

Google's newest AI trick is a peek into a deceptive new world.

Just the Important Parts From Google I/O 2018

Tune in for the future of Android and Google's other apps at 1 PM ET.

11 of the Best Explosions In 'Star Wars' But Backwards

Who could forget that time a field of molten space debris turned into Alderaan?

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Go Change Your Twitter Password

A bug caused some passwords to be stored in plain text.

The Boy Scouts Are Dropping the 'Boy' From Their Name

A move to reflect the new, more inclusive vision of scouting in the United States.

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Why Concrete Is So Much Stronger With Just a Little Bit of Rebar

A single steel bar gives concrete crucial new ways to cope with stress.

The Only 4 Things You Need to Know About Gmail's Big Update

The new features you might miss if you're not looking for them.

Beer Dice? Beer Dice.

Like beer, except dice.

Back When We Thought Hemp Would Be a Billion-Dollar Crop

A 1938 issue of Seniorhelpline lays out an alternate future.

Pilot Who Landed Southwest Flight Was One of the First Women to Fly an F/A-18

Tammie Jo Shults’ performance under pressure may have saved lives.

Boosted's New $750 Electric Skateboard Is Dangerously Buyable

The Boosted Mini is smaller than its older brothers. Even better, it's cheaper too.

Tesla Temporarily Halts Model 3 Production

To "improve automation and systemically address bottlenecks."

'Your Data' Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means

Facebook's definition of what belongs to you is designed to suit its needs, not your privacy.

Those 'Void If Broken' Warranty Stickers Are Actually Illegal

The FTC has weighed in to protect your right to repair.

How to Tell If Cambridge Analytica Stole Your Facebook Data

The social media giant is notifying users as of today.

How Copy-Pasted Text Can Hide a Secret Message That Narcs on You

How a clever trick can hide your username inside any text you copy.

A Software Failure Just Delayed Half of All Flights in Europe

During the outage, airports were limited to 10 departures per hour.

Dozens of Pristine Dino Footprints Found on Island in Scotland

Of the roughly 50 prints found, some were so detailed as to show claws.