Jake Swearingen

Deputy Editor

Jake Swearingen is deputy editor at PopularMechanics.com. Previously he worked at The Altantic and was digital director at Modern Farmer. He lives in Queens and really wants to talk to you about what's going wrong in his dwarf fortress.

You Can Launch Fireworks During the Day, and They Look Awesome

Why wait for nightfall to see something cool go boom?

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Why Molten Iron Just Isn't Attracted to Rare Earth Magnets

A huge rare earth magnet. Iron heated up to 5000°F. You'd think sparks would fly.

Yahoo Gives Up the Ghost, Agrees to $4.8B Verizon Acquisition

Now both AOL and Yahoo—the two giants of early-era Internet—will be under the same roof at Verizon.

This da Vinci Doodle Holds a Secret

More than 500 years later, we're still learning more about da Vinci's genius.

Massive Crane Collapse in New York Halts Traffic on Major Bridge

It's the second major crane collapse in or near New York City this year.

Yeti Rolls Out a Slick Little Cooler You Can Carry Anywhere

The Yeti Hopper Flip will haul a 12-pack while you head out for the day.

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The Fastest-Selling Used Cars of 2016

Looking to unload your ride? These are the models that are currently moving the quickest.

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How to Make a Stylish Cutting Board from Scrap Wood

Take the odds and ends from your workshop and turn it into something truly stunning.

This Van Was A-Rockin', So Cops Came A-Knockin'

A monster sound system finds itself in police lockup.

Turning Discarded Lobster Shells Into Batteries

From crustaceans to something that'll hold a charge.

How Can Pilots Avoid Turbulence When They Can't See It?
After an American Airlines flight went a through a terrifying patch of turbulence invisible to radar, the airline is trying to figure o…
Ever Wanted to Smell Like 'Star Wars'? Now You Can

You underestimate the smell of the Dark Side.

Facebook Accidentally Said the Philippines Was at War

To be fair, it did become a highly engaging piece content.

The Most Expensive Car Brands to Maintain

It's not just what you pay to roll it off the lot. It's what you pay to keep it rolling, period.

Can a Pineapple Protect an iPhone From a 100 Ft. Drop?

Will the king of fruits protect Apple's newest phone? Only a long drop will tell.

Stunts From 'Fast and Furious 8' Look Terrifying in Real Life

Practical effects as seen by a bystanders? Real, real scary.

This Is Why You Don't Touch Stuff in Museums

Prodding and poking priceless antiques has its consequences.

Pilot Dead After Blue Angel Jet Crashes in Tennessee

The plane went down shortly after takeoff, and there's at least one confirmed fatality.

You're Gonna Wanna Watch This Can of Silly String Getting Crushed

Turns out there's still things out there we're happy to watch a hydraulic press demolish.