David Grossman

David Grossman is a staff writer for PopularMechanics.com. He's previously written for The Verge, Rolling Stone, The New Republic and several other publications. He's based out of Brooklyn.

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NASA bridenstine
NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine: "I Believe Fully In Climate Change"

The new administrator of NASA recently fielded questions from scientists at the space agency.

robofly university of washington
Watch a Laser-Powered Robotic Fly Take Its First Flight

One big flap for robotic animals everywhere.

supermassive black hole
The Fastest-Growing Black Hole Could Swallow the Sun in Two Days

The supermassive black hole is a reminder of the violence of the early universe.

3d printing tumors
New 3D Printer Can Make Complex Body Tissues

It might be perfect for studying cancers close up.

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nes classic
The NES Classic Is Back This June

Missed the retro console the first time around? You're getting another chance.

android smartwatch
Google Might Finally Make a Smartwatch

The company might try to reignite the nearly extinguished flame that is Android Wear.

3d printed tourbillon
This Complex 3D Printed Watch Has 70 Moving Parts

The tourbillon, a sign of watchmaking expertise, has gotten the 3D printing treatment.

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nasa 3d printed rocket engine
NASA Successfully Test Fires 3D-Printed Rocket Engine Part

The test represents years of work on 3D-printed rocket engines.

The Vaults Where Bitcoin Billionaires Hide Their Fortunes

With crypto crime on the rise, the keys are getting buried deep underground.

high speed internet
Ambitious Plan Would Bring Statewide Public Broadband to Michigan

"Mi-Fi" would treat the Internet like a utility instead of a commodity.

lunar dust
Statically Charged Lunar Dust Is Very, Very Bad for Your Lungs

The health effects of breathing lunar dust over long periods of time could be severe.

mouse brain activity
A Tiny Microscope Can Now Record a Mouse's Brain in Real Time

If it can be applied to humans, it could help scientists understand abnormal brain conditions like autism and schizophrenia.

The Math Behind Discovering Exoplanets

How we learn so much from seeing so little.

neanderthal stone
This Could Be Neanderthal Art

Those etchings didn't come from nowhere.

artist conception krusty
NASA Tests Mini-Nuclear Reactors for Moon and Mars

Keeping the lights on shouldn't be a problem for interplanetary explorers thanks to Kilopower.

stephen hawking
Stephen Hawking's Final Theory of the Universe Has Been Published

The famed physicist reworked some of his old ideas.

hiroshima jawbone
New Study Shows Full Extent of Radiation Damage to Hiroshima Victims

A study decades in the making shows victims may have absorbed double a deadly dose.

bose wireless headphones
Today's Best Deals: Upgrade Your Audio With This Bose Sale

Plus camping gear, vises and clamps, and a kayak.

clownfish great barrier reef
The Great Barrier Reef Has Gone Silent. Here's Why That's So Dangerous.

Sound is as important as color to reefs, but the symphony has quieted.