Avery Thompson

Avery Thompson


LIGO Gravitational Wave Observatory Getting $30 Million Upgrade

The observatory is capable of detecting tiny vibrations in the fabric of space-time, and a new upgrade will expand its range sevenfold.

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sigaretta elettronica
Exploding Vape Shuts Down Plane, Cancels Flight

A vape pen inside someone's carry-on luggage spontaneously burst into flame during boarding, delaying a flight from New York.

Yalova on Armutlu Peninsula Facing Sea of Marmara and Samanli Mountain Ranges Behind
An Earthquake Shook Istanbul for 50 Days—And Almost No One Noticed

So-called slow-slip events might be able to forecast more destructive quakes.

That Asteroid Ultima Thule Is Shaped Like a Pancake. But Why?

New Horizons' latest target is the weirdest shaped asteroid we've ever seen.

Site for rebirth of nuclear power in USA
The Green New Deal Wants to Get Rid of Nuclear Power. That's a Great Idea.

Nuclear power is simply too risky and complicated to supply our country's energy.

Europe's Next Mars Rover Is Named After a Pioneer of DNA Research

ESA's Rosalind Franklin rover will be launched next year and search the Red Planet for signs of life.

Astronomers Discover the Milky Way Is More Twisted and Warped Than We Thought

A new survey of more than a thousand stars reveals the true shape of our galaxy.

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Glacier Ice Cave
European Discovery of the Americas Killed So Many People It Made the Earth Colder

The Great Dying saw native populations drop by around 90 percent. So much farmland turned into forest that it triggered a mini ice age.

Hubble Accidentally Finds Entire Galaxy Lurking Behind a Cluster of Stars

The tiny galaxy is very close, but remained hidden for decades until a group of astronomers spotted it entirely by accident.

NASA Found a Giant Underground Cavern in Antarctica Almost the Size of Manhattan

The cavern sits where nearly 14 billion tons of ice used to be, all of which melted in the last few years.

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It's So Cold in Chicago That the Rail Company Is Lighting Its Tracks on Fire

When it gets too cold out, some train tracks have to be heated to prevent damage.

Polygraph readout of a patient participating in a sleep study.
Scientists Translate Brain Waves Into Speech

This is a promising first step toward giving people who lack it the power of speech again.

Digital Subscriber Line
Japan Is Going to Start Hacking Its Citizens

The government is going to test over 200 million devices for security vulnerabilities ahead of the 2020 olympics.

Polar bear on pack ice
Antibiotic-Resistant 'Superbugs' Have Made It All the Way Up into the Remote Arctic Wilderness
The bacteria were first found in India a decade ago, and took only a few years to travel 8,000 miles to one of the most remote parts of…
NASA Releases New, High-Quality Image of Ultima Thule

This new image highlights all kinds of features that weren't visible in the initial images.

Scientists Drilled a Mile-Long Hole in the Antarctic Ice

What's at the end of the hole could tell scientists what will happen to the continent over the next few decades.

Apollo 14 mission. Astronaut Alan Shepard near Modular Equipment Transporter (MET) on lunar surface.
Earth's Oldest Known Rock Was Found on the Moon

One of the moon rocks collected by Apollo 14 actually originated on Earth.

Scientists Made a Wave in a Lab That Looks Almost Exactly Like a Famous Artwork

Researchers studying poorly understood rogue waves inadvertently created a real-life replica of "The Great Wave off Kanagawa."