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The Making Of Alentejo Wines
Traces of the Fukushima Meltdown Can Be Found in California Wines

Researchers found increased levels of radioactive particles in wines made after Japan's Fukushima meltdown.

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Full Frame Shot Of Nuts And Bolts
Amazon's New Tool Helps You Find the Right Screw

Amazon's Part Finder app uses computer vision and user input to find the right part to finish your project.

Curiosity Rover Defeated by Mysteriously Hard Rock

The Mars rover finally met a rock it couldn't best.

Giant Iceberg Threatens Entire Greenland Village

Authorities are worried the iceberg could roll or break apart, triggering floods on shore.

Royal palace in Nineveh, ancient city of the Assyrian empire
According to Geologists, We're Living In a New Age

The Meghalayan Age begins with the collapse of many of the world's civilizations 4,200 years ago.

Archeologists Find World's Oldest Bread

The bread—and the oven that baked it—predate farming by at least 4,000 years.

Scientists Find 'Quadrillions' of Tons of Diamonds Beneath Earth's Surface

Unfortunately, the diamonds are buried so deep we'll probably never mine them.

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Blockbuster Card
There's Only One Blockbuster Left in the United States

Two Blockbuster holdouts in Alaska are closing, leaving only a single storefront in Oregon still operational.

Watch Two Cape Canaveral Launch Towers Meet Their End

But something new will rise in their place.

NASA's New Climate Satellites Are Pioneering Laser Rangefinding Tech

NASA's recently launched GRACE satellites use a next-generation rangefinding technology that could end up in many future missions.

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Clouds In Blue Sky
Investigation Finds China Behind Ozone-Damaging Mystery

An investigation finds that banned ozone-damaging chemicals are still in regular use in Chinese industries.

Iceberg, South Georgia
Cape Town Wants to Tow an Iceberg to Solve Its Water Shortage

A proposal to tow an iceberg to Cape Town is an ambitious, outlandish plan.

Scientists Are Hunting for Meteorite Fragments Off the Coast of Washington

In March, a meteorite crashed into the ocean a few miles off the coast of Washington, and scientists want it.

This Patch of 3D-Printed Flesh Is a Step Toward a Full 3D-Printed Heart

One biotech company has taken the first steps toward printing functional human organs for transplants.

The First Picture of a Newborn Planet

The photo shows a tiny planet orbiting a star along with a large disk of dust and gas.

'Dragon' Drone Can Twist and Change Shape in Midair

A new drone from the University of Tokyo brings versatility and adaptability to flying robots.

Scientists Build Neurotoxin Detector From a Smartphone and Legos

The simple setup could help first responders identify neurotoxins and pick the right antidote.

James Webb Space Telescope Delayed Yet Again, Launch Pushed Back to 2021

This is the third major delay announcement in less than a year.

Japanese Sample Return Spacecraft Reaches Target Asteroid

Japan's Hayabusa-2 spacecraft will collect a piece of the asteroid Ryugu and bring it back to Earth.

New Prosthetic Foot Adapts to Rough Terrain

An advanced prosthetic comes equipped with a motor and sensors to adjust to stairs or uneven ground.

New Spacecraft Will Head to Binary Asteroid to Help Protect the Planet

ESA's Hera spacecraft will head to a nearby binary asteroid in 2026 to study planetary defense technologies.

a mountain of plastic goods at a recycling plant
China Stops Buying the World's Trash, Leaving 120 Million Tons Up for Grabs

Over 120 million tons of plastic trash will have to find a new home over the next decade, according to a new report.

Solar energy panels on field, Poipu, Kauai County, Hawaii, USA
Renewables Will Make Up 50 Percent of the World's Energy by 2050

A new analysis finds that lowered costs plus cheaper battery storage results in way more renewable energy over the next few decades.

Mars Dust Storm Goes Global, Covers Curiosity Rover

While bad news for the Opportunity rover, this gives NASA a great chance to study the storm up close.

The Winds on Venus Blow Hard Enough to Shorten the Day

Imagine a gale ferocious enough to alter the rotation of the planet.

Empty hospital bed near sunny window
New Google AI Calculates the Odds You'll Survive a Hospital Stay

The software can help doctors and hospitals determine who has the best chance of recovery.

Berlin Illuminated Skyline
Germany Likely to Miss Emissions Target for 2020

German environment minister Svenja Schulze says the country will have to try harder to hit its 2030 goal.