Sophie Weiner

Weekend Editor
How to Build the Best Mouse Trap Car

This simple science experiment can be fine-tuned to perfection.

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This Guy Spent a Year and a Half Building a Cake-Baking Robot

Robotics is mostly failure and a little pure joy.

How Quickly Can We Circumnavigate the World?

When Magellan first attempted it, it took three years.

Scientists Create 'Invisibility Cloak' Inspired by Squid Skin

A new invention could help humans hide from infrared cameras.

The Record-Setting Paper Airplane Builder Explains His Magic

Here's how to hit your coworker from all the way across the office.

"One in a Million" Young T. Rex Fossil Found in Montana

The six-to-eight-year-old dinosaur is the most complete young T. rex ever found.

Are Brown Dwarfs Planets or Failed Stars?

The dull, gas-giant like entities are the subject of much debate.

This Wild Mask Could Change the Way We Study the Brain

The prototype opens up a new world of possibility in the study of the brain.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Is Mostly Made of Fishing Gear

Fishing nets alone make up 46 percent of the 79,000 tons of garbage.

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YouTuber Who Builds Extreme DIY Lasers Suspended From Site

Drake Anthony's channel is in danger of being permanently taken down.

This Giant Harpoon Was Built to Clean Up Space Junk

It's one of several ways scientists are trying to clear the skies, before it's too late.

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Geoengineered Glaciers Could Help Slow Rising Seas

Massive underwater projects could help keep sea levels in check.

Sky Phenomenon 'Steve' Is Finally Explained

It looks like the northern lights, but Steve is different.

Hawaiian Spiders on Different Islands Evolved the Same Traits

A fascinating peek into the mechanics of evolution.

Scientists Find Diamond Full of an Alien Form of Ice

Ice-VII was known to exist in space, but not naturally on Earth.

Why it's Impossible to Accurately Measure a Coastline

Does Norway really have the second longest coastline in the world?

Watch an AI Beat Q*bert In a Way No Human Ever Would

It discovered a brand new bug in the 35 year old game.

NASA Discovers an Exoplanet With a Ton of Atmospheric Water

A unique find that could have a fascinating story behind it.

NASA's Odyssey Captures Stunning Images of Mars' Moons

Phobos and Deimos appear to dance in these gorgeous photos.

The Ross Ice Shelf is Freezing, Not Melting. Which Is Weird.

Scientists were surprised by the results of their study.

How One Quantum Particle Can Send Messages to Itself

Just another demonstration of the magic of quantum superposition.

This Inventor Turned a Car Into a Giant Computer Mouse

This super cool little yellow car just got even cooler.

This Boat is Impossible to Capsize

The Thunder Child can right itself even in the harshest storms.

After Years of Problems, NASA's Robonaut Is Coming Home

A tricky electrical issue kept the robot from living up to its potential.