Jill Kiedaisch

Jill Kiedaisch

Jill Kiedaisch is a regular contributor for Seniorhelpline, Motherly, We Are Teachers, and Vermont Sports Magazine, and has been published in various conservation anthologies and magazines. Author of a children’s fantasy adventure trilogy, she lives in Vermont with her husband, two sons, three fish, and a dog. 

Seeds Have Sprouted on the Moon for the Very First Time

Scientists hope fruit fly eggs will be the next to perk up.

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Remnants of one of the largest impact craters still preserved on the surface of the Earth. Occurring about 212 million years ago. Lake Manicouagan in northern Quebec, Canada. June 1, 2001.
Life on Earth May Have Been Born From a Maelstrom of Molten Iron
This theory suggests that the building blocks of life were present on our planet hundreds of millions of years earlier than formerly be…
When the Sun Dies, a Giant Crystal Will Take Its Place

After the sun engulfs Mercury, Venus, and Earth, it will shrink into an unimaginably dense crystal ball.

Gangneung hosting indoor events of 2018 Winter Olympic Games
The Oceans Have Absorbed an Unfathomable Amount of Energy Due to Climate Change

It's the equivalent energy of trillions and trillions of nuclear bombs.

Swimming In Shark Infested Waters At Night
Some Unborn Sharks Swim from Uterus to Uterus Inside Their Mom

Scientists have been studying the phenomenon for two years.

This Ancient Giant Fungus Could Help Scientists Understand Cancer

The single specimen coats hundreds of tree-root systems spanning more than 75 hectares.

Central American coral snake...
The Best Place to Find a Snake Is Inside a Different Snake

The search for the elusive Cenaspis aenigma ends inside another snake's belly.

Skydiving International Invitational Tournament In Guizhou, China
Study Shows Parachutes Are Totally Worthless

It's even true! In a certain context.

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Exploding Stars Might Have Brought an End to the Prehistoric Megalodon

A supernova can really mess you up when you're a giant shark.

7 of the Strangest CBD Products

There's no shortage of weird applications for the cannabinoid of the moment.

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The Leafy Green Cyborgs Are Coming

And they show how nature and tech could someday work together.

Good News: The New ISS Robot Is Already Going Rogue

Like a certain fictional sci-fi robot, CIMON doesn't always like to follow orders.

A Brazilian Wasp Exhibits Mind Control Over Unsuspecting Spiders

It’s the Mary Poppins of the Arachnid world, crossed with a Dawn of the Dead ending.

Drug-Resistant Space Bugs Found Aboard the ISS

Bacterial superbugs are not just on Earth anymore.

Mystery of Square Wombat Poop Revealed

Evolutionary science finally explains the weirdest mammalian excrement.

Found: A Field of Termite Mounds You Can See From Space

Syntermes dirus is their name, world domination is their game.

Tyvek Time? These Watches Are Made of Recycled Home Wrap

Prone to breaking things and suddenly plunging into oceans? This watch is for you.

When the Battery Is Woven Into Your T-Shirt

Wearable, rechargeable electronics that’ll outpace the Energizer Bunny and change the world.