Joe Pappalardo

Joe Pappalardo

Joe Pappalardo is a contributing editor at Seniorhelpline and author of the new book, .

The Virgin Galactic Hype Totally Misses the Point
Celebrate the achievement, but please, recognize that commercial spaceflight has grown up since Virgin Galactic started the quest for s…
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The Pentagon Is Declassifying Lots of Info About What's in Orbit
There’s a push underway to release more data about things the Pentagon is tracking in orbit. It’s a sign of things to come as Uncle Sam…
The Golden Age of Space Exploration Is Right Now

An emerging golden age of probes may reimagine the origin story of our galactic neighborhood.

Want to Be A Hacker? Go to Dallas.

The newest hacker community in the United States is nowhere near Silicon Valley.

Space Junk Could Provide a Perfect Hiding Spot for Tiny Spy Satellites

Han Solo hid the Millennium Falcon in a cloud of trash, and the same method could hide satellites in low-Earth orbit.

Meet the Tiny Unlikely Hero of the Mars InSight Landing
Mars Cube One-B had a dim future after suffering a malfunction. But with the help of some clever human navigators, the spacecraft playe…
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Why Mars InSight Will Be a Mission of Firsts

Reasons why you should pay attention to this mission to the Red Planet.

Meet the Spacecraft That's About to Play Tag with an Asteroid

Engineers describe how to design a gadget that can grab parts of an asteroid—without even landing on it.

'Outlaw King' vs. 'Braveheart': Which Movie Gets Scotland Right?

One medieval epic wins in a Scottish history smackdown over weapons, clothing, costumes, and battle accuracy.

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Cape Canaveral Can Now Launch Commercial Spaceplanes
The historic “runway on the edge of tomorrow” gets FAA approval to launch spaceplanes and air-launch rockets, opening a new front in th…
The Satellite Startup You've Never Heard of Is About to Take Off

SpaceX veteran Jim Cantrell explains how his startup, Vector, will find a place in the burgeoning American private space industry.

SpaceX launch pad south Texas
The SpaceX Big Texas Spaceport Is Coming. But Will It Have Anything To Launch?
Elon Musk captured the world's attention by launching rockets from Cape Canaveral and California air bases. But all along, his company …
SpaceX Launches Falcon 9 Rocket
The Air Force Is Actually Considering Rocket Launches to Move Cargo Around the Globe

Delivering cargo anywhere in the world in 30 minutes? Take that, Domino's.

Barbed wire and North Korean national flag DPRK
The U.S. Doesn’t Want a No-Fly Zone Over the Korean DMZ. Here’s Why.

The two Koreas have proposed to ban aircraft over the DMZ, which could seriously hamper America's efforts to counter the North.

How American Space Launch Left Europe in the Dust

The view of the resurgent U.S. spaceflight is raising alarms across the Atlantic.

Antares Rocket
Launch Startup Rocket Lab Chooses an American Launch Site
The Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport, an oft-overlooked rocket launch facility in northern Virginia, makes a play for a piece of the spa…
Here Is How Social Media Crime Fighters Find Fake Accounts

FireEye helped Facebook identify fake accounts with subversive international agendas. Here’s how.

Ballistic Reentry: How Astronauts Survive a Failed Launch

Inside "ballistic mode," the scariest capsule ride down to Earth.

5 Cool Things at Green Flag (That Aren't Airplanes)

Sure, C-130s are cool, but this is the cutting-edge tech that makes "contingency operation" missions possible.

China's "Guam Killer" Is Forcing B-2s To Practice Strikes From Pearl Harbor
In range of a new “Guam killer” missile, recent drills with B-2s and F-22s put China on notice that the U.S. can still strike from a sa…
The C-130J Super Hercules Is Ready for the Worst

Logistics means life and death when preparing for wars and natural disasters, but how do you plan for the unexpected?

Putting A.I. Smarts Into 3D Printers Will Let the Navy Build Any Part, Anywhere—Even Outer Space
The drive to push 3D printing into the field is getting a boost from an unexpected ally — artificial intelligence that can monitor robo…
Army 2018 International Military and Technical Forum, Day 4
Short-Term Superhuman: If We Create Augmented Soldiers, Can We Turn Them Back?

How the need to reverse the effects on augmented soldiers might drive the future of military tech.

Japan's Space Agency Landed Bouncing Rovers on an Asteroid

The rovers are a redemption story for a plan that went awry a decade ago.

5 Things We Learned From SpaceX's Moon Tourist Announcement
Yusaku Maezawa is going around the moon. But beneath the showmanship of SpaceX's announcement are serious consequences for engineering,…
Humanoid Robot Sophia In Toronto
'Fake News' Is Sparking an AI Arms Race
Robots now churn manipulated information on social media and soon will learn how to create it. In the future, it will take an AI to det…
Oil Tanker
Offshore Mega-Terminals Are Coming Because Oil Supertankers Are Too Big for Our Ports

Massive tankers and excess oil mean a new infrastructure, but not everyone is excited about the ambitious plans.