Jacqueline Detwiler

Jacqueline Detwiler

Jacqueline Detwiler is Seniorhelpline' articles editor and host of the Most Useful Podcast Ever. She has a master’s degree in neuroscience and previously contributed to Wired, Esquire, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur.

Dead Carp (Cyprinus carpio), Bramfelder See, Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
What Will Be the Last Fish?

When you play the game of aquatic climate change, you win or you die.

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How They Pulled Off the Chase Scene in 'Robin Hood'

This carriage chase looks more like The Fast and the Furious than Braveheart.

Senior man sitting on log, watching cooking pot on campfire, low section
Cooking Delicious Food Over a Campfire: The Guide

Do cook over a campfire. Don't burn down your tent.

Why the Eva Solo Is the Only Garlic Press You'll Ever Need

A garlic press is just a class 2 lever. Why do companies keep getting them so wrong?!

AUTO: APR 06 NHRA - DENSO Spark Plugs NHRA Four-Wide Nationals
What It's Like a Drive a Funny Car, One of the Fastest Ground Vehicles on Earth

“The first thing that comes up when you Google my name is huge fireball explosions.”

Waiting at the Airport
Found: The Brain Cells That Control Your Posture

These "posture cells" may be the key to our spatial awareness as our bodies move through 3D space.

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The Technology of Pipe Bombs and Suspicious Packages, Explained
We answer your most pressing questions about the wave of mailed bombs against high-profile political targets including the Clintons, Ge…
Woman with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
Tis the Season To Get Yourself a Lightbox

Do you like my winter personality? It's thanks to this gadget.

Why Science Is Figuring Out New Ways to Scratch your Car

The latest from the country's dedicated test development agency.

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How Veterans Are Building a New Economy by Never Leaving Anyone Behind
Startups and incubators are helping veterans survive the return to civilian life the same way they did at war: by never leaving anyone …
Hurricane Florence Slams Into Coast Of Carolinas
The Supplies You Must Take on a Disaster Cleanup and Recovery Trip

Thinking of helping out after Michael? Here's what to bring.

The Incredible Scientists Who Are Solving the Brain
True stories of indefatigable researchers, heroic engineers, and champions of, neuroscience who are finally turning the corner in the e…
The Cancer Breakthrough That Just Won the Nobel Prize, Explained
Many cancer researchers believed James P. Allison's stunning work in immunotherapy would win the Nobel Prize. Today, they were proven r…
The High-Tech Horror Show: How the Unreal Haunted Houses at Universal Orlando Are Built

We got to check out last year's builds, plus learned some secrets for 2018.

Cancer Has a New Enemy: A.I.

Microsoft and the giants of cancer research are proving that big data is a mighty weapon.

How To Start Surfing

Thinking about grabbing a surfboard and hitting the waves? Here's what beginners need to know about surfing.

I Hacked My Body So You Don't Have To
For two months, I hacked myself to separate the science from the BS. But if I ended up stronger, smarter, faster, healthier, calmer, mo…
bourbon whiskey bottles.
Bourbon Vs. Bourbon: Did Whiskey Really Taste Better in the 1800s?

If you ship whiskey on a river, does it taste better? We wanted to know, so we ran an experiment.

Cocktail equipment
How to Make Great Cocktails

Your guide to becoming a great bartender (without taking a mixology class).

Where U.S. Special Forces Buy Their Weapons

Inside the world’s most surreal trade show.

Learn to Make Amaro and Fashion Your Own Take on Fernet-Branca
Amaro, the sweet and bitter, tummy-settling botanical liqueur, is about to have a moment. Making your own is a little science and a lot…
One Guy With a Supercomputer Who's Chasing the Causes of Cancer
You may have heard of big data. You probably haven’t heard of Ludmil Alexandrov, the researcher identifying the causes of cancer one pe…
The Science of the Smartphone Backlash

Are our devices doing us more harm than good? It’s complicated.

Alctraz prison
Escape From the Rock
In 1962, three men broke out of Alcatraz and tried to cross San Francisco Bay using an improvised raft and DIY life vests inspired by p…
How to Get Started in Rock Climbing

Sierra Blair-Coyle buckled into her first harness at age eight. We asked her about what it takes to get to where she is.

Add One Ounce Science: How to Hack Your Booze

All the (weird) things you can do to liquor to make it taste great.


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