Jerry Beilinson

Palmer Luckey and the Virtual Reality Resurrection
At age 19, Luckey unveiled the first affordable system that would allow users to explore three-dimensional digital worlds. Oculus Rift …
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Oculus Rift and Virtual Reality Beyond Gaming
The Oculus Rift is creeping closer to release, and now it has new competition from Sony's Project Morpheus. But as Rift inventor Palmer…
Dean Kamen—the Saint of Nerds—at SXSW 2014
At his SXSW keynote, Dean Kamen, the Edison of Manchester, NH, showed again why he is a standout among nerds. Here's an update on some …
Upcoming Kickstarters, Found at CES 2014
The CES news is heavy with huge players, many with elephantine TVs, but off in the corners of the show you can find startups with worki…
Climate Scientists: The IPCC Is Wrong
James Hansen and Jeffrey Sachs of the Columbia University Earth Institute lead a new study disputing the IPCC conclusion that the world…
MakerBot Pushes 3D Printers in Schools
MakerBot is crowd-funding a plan to place 3D printers in schools, in cooperation with AutoDesk,, and an additive-manuf…
X Prize Foundation to Add 3 New Ocean Competitions
The X Prize Foundation is crowdsourcing ideas for the competitions, and plans to announce all three by 2020. The organization has alrea…
Confessions of a Reality-Show Survival Guide
When reality-show producers send ordinary people into jungles and deserts to suffer through hunger, exhaustion, and frequently disease,…
3D-Printed, Made-in-the-USA Skis
CNC machining and vacuum molding help the small company RAMP design, test, and build skis in Utah.
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Researcher Neil Pederson at the recent North American Dendroecological Fieldweek.
NE Flooding: A Sign of Future Climate?
Today's heavy rains and flooding in the Northeastern U.S. are a reminder of where this region's climate is headed: toward a wetter futu…
How Quirky Launches 3 Inventions Per Week
PopMech Deputy Editor Jerry Beilinson gets invited to help select new inventions for Quirky.
The Desktop CNC Machine for DIYers
Otherfab, cofounded by Saul Griffith, launches the Othermill CNC machine.
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Anatomy of an Offshore Oil Rig
Shell wants to use the Kulluk, an ice-ready rig built in 1983, to explore the enormous oil and gas reserves off Alaska's north coast. T…
In October 2012, Shell's Kulluk oil rig was at work off the north coast of Alaska. The U.S., Russia, and other Arctic nations may have vast offshore oil and gas reserves.
One Troubled Rig and the Future of Arctic Oil Drilling
Shell announced this week that it would halt Arctic oil drilling in 2013 following a series of mishapsmost notoriously, the grounding o…
Shell Oil Cancels 2013 Arctic Drilling
Along with the BP oil spill trial and the vocal opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline, it's a rough week for companies investing in al…
Top Ski Tech of 2013
From exceedingly lightweight insulating layers to helmets designed with soft exteriors that actually flex (to absorb impact), to a comb…
Are Shell's 2013 Drilling Plans Doomed?
Shell has ambitious plans to open a new oil frontier in the Arctic Ocean. This week's accident, in which its rig ran aground, could del…
Gallery: On Board Shell's Kulluk Oil Rig
An oil rig owned by Royal Dutch Shell rig ran aground in Alaskan waters on December 31. PM deputy editor Jerry Beilinson and photograph…
What The Kulluk Oil Rig Accident Means for Arctic Drilling
The Kulluk rig ran aground in a storm near Kodiak Island, Alaska, raising fresh questions about Shells plans to launch an offshore oil …
How to Escape a Sinking Helicopter
Thousands of oil-rig workers, military personnel and aviation crews go through HUET, or "dunker," training each year to learn to surviv…
Royal Dutch Shell's <em>Kulluk</em> Oil Rig
Shell Oil Delayed in Arctic Departure
The company ended its drilling operation in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas more than a week ago but is still working to unmoor one rig f…
How to Climb Trees With Ropes and Harnesses
Arborists armed with chainsaws and climbing gear are always busy cleaning up from the last storm or trying to prevent the next blackout…
A blow-out preventer (BOP) designed to seal off a runaway well. A BOP famously failed in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010. This unit, rated to handle 15,000 psi, is equipped with two sets of blind shear rams designed to cut through the drill pipe in an emergency. There are also four annular preventers, which can close around the drill string or the open hole, but cannot cut through the pipe.
Update: What to Know About Arctic Drilling
After years of arguments over drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), the debate about Arctic oil exploration has moved…
Arctic sea ice cover as of August 26, 2012. The orange line represents the median minimum from 1979-2000.
Arctic Sea Ice Hits New Record Low
The National Snow & Ice Data Center says that 2012 has seen the smallest ice coverage since satellite measurements began, breaking …
America's Coming Arctic Challenge
Contracting sea ice is making the far north more accessible. Now nations are racing to extend their sovereignty and explore for oil and…
Onboard a Rig That Will Drill the Arctic
Alaska's first offshore oil wells in a generation may be drilled this summer. Seniorhelpline tours one of the rigs that will do the …
Shell's Huge Arctic Drilling Vessels
We visited the pier in Seattle where Shell is finishing the modifications on the oil rigs it hopes to take to the Arctic to begin explo…