Beer, Spirits, and Homebrewing

image The 50 Best American Beers

The red, white, and brews.

image How to Grow Your Own Hops
Making home-brewed beer using your own recipes and do-it-yourself skills is a satisfying hobby. Now you can combine your own home-grown hops to create a unique frosty favorite.

image The 13 Geekiest Beers

Whether its Hitchiker's Guide, Game of Thrones or Star Trek, there's a beer that perfectly matches your particular nerd tastes.

image The 15 Best Beers Built for the Summer

Besides water, beer is the most important beverage of the summer.

image The Country's Best Beer Just Got Better
Heady Topper by Vermont brewery The Alchemist is a world-beating IPA. Now if only you could find some.
image Why Stouts Are Much More Than Just a St. Patrick's Day Tradition

Although stouts are most associated with the Emerald Isle and its most iconic brewery, they are much, much more than a St. Patrick's Day tradition.

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image Why Cranberry Liqueur Belongs in Your Liquor Cabinet

The cranberry is an unheralded berry when it comes to spirits. Two men are out to change the way you think about it.

image The Most Underappreciated Holiday Booze Comes from Brazil

Did you know you can buy aged cachaça?

image The Two-Ton Stone That's Made Tequila for Centuries

Say hello to the Tahona, a centuries-old, delightfully inefficient way to crush agave.

image How to Make an Alcohol-Free Beer That Actually Tastes Good

No-alcohol beer gets the craft-brew treatment, and it’s shockingly good.

image The 48 Beer Project: This Artist Is Designing a Beer Label in Every Contiguous State

Artist Heidi Geist is traveling around the country in a retrofitted school bus, designing one label a week for a brewery in each of the contiguous states.

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image This Jon Snow Beer Is Perfect for 'Game of Thrones' Nerds Who Love to Drink

If anything can make the time pass more quickly until Season 8, it's beer.

Close-Up Of Hands Holding Beer Glasses You Can Bathe In Beer At This Resort In Japan

Why drink your beer when you can take a bath in it?

Glass of beer on the table, with wheat malt, barley and bottles How to Make & Brew Beer

If you like beer and you like making stuff, then you'll love making beer. Here's how to get started.

image The Mysteries of Gin Revealed

A distiller mixes ancient botanicals to create a spirit that is entirely new.

image Ten Forward Vodka Is What Riker Puts in His Martini

Star Trek: The Next Generation gets a signature liquor with a design right out of the Enterprise-D computer.

image 500 Beers of Summer

500 beers for those hot summer days ahead.

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bourbon whiskey bottles. Bourbon Vs. Bourbon: Did Whiskey Really Taste Better in the 1800s?

If you ship whiskey on a river, does it taste better? We wanted to know, so we ran an experiment.

image 14 Unexpected Liquor Bottles To Gift Dad

Thank him in a spirited way.

image Napa Valley Now Has a Beer Train That Only Costs $75

Do wine country right—with lots of beer.

image The United States of Beer: The Best Summertime Brew From Every State

No matter which of the 50 states you find yourself in, you'll find yourself around great beer.

image Americans Are Making Great Single-Malt Whiskey Now

Craft distillers in the U.S. are borrowing a Scottish tradition and making it their own. Try the mesquite.

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