HP Means Business With the Premium Chromebook 13

A powerful new addition to the Chromebook family.

HP's Spectre 13.3 Super-Thin Notebook, Reviewed

Meet the most desirable HP laptop to date!

HP's New Computer Doesn't Think You Need a...
HP's latest effort to revitalise the PC market has landed in the for…
8 Surprising Uses For Sheds
They're a man's refuge, storage space, and the ideal place for "tink…
The Most (and Least) Important New Tech Products for November
New gadgets hit the market at such a fast pace that they can become a blur, but PM's Tech-O-Meter is here to help, sorting this fall's …
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HP TouchPad Tablet: Lightning Review
With its stellar software hobbled by bugs and appealing hardware dogged by bloat, the TouchPad poses the question: What's it worth to b…
Apple iPad 2
Side-By-Side Tablet Comparison
Not so long ago, the Apple iPad was a brand-new productand a big risk. Now it's a ubiquitous device, and other tech companies are tryin…
hp touchpad
Another Day, Another Tablet
Does the world need another tablet platform?
6 Gadgets That Missed the Mark in 2010
2010 was a spectacular year for tech enthusiasts. But it was a year that won't be remembered just for its successes; the tech world als…
palm pre
4 Implications of the HP Purchase of Palm
HP buys Palm for $1.2 billion. Here's what the deal means for the industry and consumers.
hp slate
Microsoft Unveils HP Slate PC, Halo: Reach, Natal Release Date
Steve Ballmer unveils a prototype of HP's upcoming Slate PC, which remained unnamed, as well as Halo: Reach and launch details for Micr…
6 New Products Leading the Gadget Industry to the Green Side
The Greener Gadgets conference offered experts a chance to discuss steps the industry is taking to lessen its footprintand let us feast…
Home Server: Buzzword
Cobbling together cheap routers and WiFi is fine for now, but as the number of your machines increase, so does the confusion. Face it: …
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HP Mini-Note
HP Mini-Note 2133 Laptop Is Neat, Petiteand Underpowered: Hands-on Blogger Review
HP enters the growing field of little laptops with their pint-sized Mini-Note 2133. Instapundit blogger Glenn Reynolds test drives one …
HP Firebird is a Smaller, Cheaper and Serious Gaming PC
HP introduces a compact and lower cost follow-up to their popular Blackbird 002 gaming rig with the new Firebird: a clever mixture of d…
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The Digital Family Gets Started
We needed a set of PM readers to install and test every must-have piece of high-tech wizardry any family could drool over. It's good to…

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