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You Can Order Domino's on Twitter Via Emoji
Tweet whichever emoji best captures the idea of giving up on your he…
How Coffee Shop Hackers Steal Your Data Without...
Thankfully, Georgia Tech scientists are on the case.
Starbucks Will Offer Wireless Recharging
The billion-dollar coffee company will soon team up with Duracell to…
8 High-Tech Vending Machines
Put in a dollar and get a can of Cokehow boring. New vending machine…
Pay-By-Phone: Smart, Convenient, and Unfair
Square, the device that turns smartphones and tablets into credit card readers, scored a major coup last week: The company signed a dea…
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The Fastest Free Wi-Fi: Starbucks vs. the Rest
We hit the New York City streets near Seniorhelpline's editorial offices to test out the Starbucks offer and to compare it to other…