The School Bus of the Future Is Big, Yellow, and Electrified

The first electric school bus is here.

electric bus

We've got all kinds of electric cars and trucks, but one instantly recognizable vehicle has yet to be electrified: the school bus. No longer, as Daimler's Thomas Built Buses has announced Jouley, the electric school bus.

Named after the joule unit of energy, the Jouley is an attempt to enter a market more or less ignored so far but a large and vital one nonetheless. The American School Bus Council that the average school bus drives 12,000 miles a year and school buses and uses 1,714 gallons of diesel fuel a year, with totals estimated at 822,857,143 gallons across the country with a cost of $3,184,457,143 nationally.

"missions-free, noise pollution-free and fossil fuel-free, helping you save operating costs," Daimler suggests it is ideal for smaller, local routes. As far as alternatives to diesel go, it's probably more practical than the bus that drives on poop.


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