How 3 Old Engines Are Learning New Tricks

After 100 years of refinement, you'd think the internal combustion engine was out of innovation, coasting along until electrification takes over. But these manufacturers are coming up with new ways to get more miles from petroleum.

Paris Bans All Diesel Cars Made Before 2000
Cars designated Level 5 in new emissions categories are no longer al…
Has VW Killed Diesel in America?

Diesel in the U.S. is a tough sell. And Volkswagen made it tougher.

Report: Almost All Diesels Emit More Than Legal...
UK newspaper The Guardian finds that diesels from Mercedes, Honda, M…
The Most Useful Podcast Ever: The Continuing...

The effects of Volkswagen's mass deception will be felt for years.

This VW Diesel Scandal Is Much Worse Than a Recall

This isn't cost-cutting. This is outright cynical deceit.

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EPA: Diesel VWs Software Let Them Cheat Emissions Tests

VWs would emit 40 times the NOx when the defeat mechanism was activated.

Why I Bought a Truck With 281,000 miles
I sold my '78 International for something safer and more reliable: a Dodge with nearly 300,000 miles on the odometer

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