WTE energy

Energy Production

Florida Burning Irma Trash Into Energy

The state specializes into turning trash into electricity.

LNG tanker
How Liquified Natural Gas Works

Freezing a gas and shipping it around the world, explained.

petra nova
How Does Clean Coal Work?
Capturing carbon dioxide and sending it below the Earth's surface, e…
Wind turbine GIF
U.S. Renewable Energy Production Hits 10 Percent
Ten percent might not seem like a lot, but it's great news for renew…
Coal plant
Coal Production Is Falling by Record Numbers

And the trend seems to be permanent.

dogger island wind farm hypothetical
The Ambitious Plan to Build an Artificial Wind Farm Island

It could supply over 80 million people with wind power, and major players are betting on it.

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The Future of Nuclear Energy Could Be Seawater Uranium

Under the sea, there's a world filled with uranium. Now, just to get it out.

The Cheapest Way to Generate Power, County by County

This interactive map will tell you the cheapest option for power in your part of the country.

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