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Total Solar Eclipse-

Total Solar Eclipse

Donate Eclipse Glasses to Kids Around the World

Astronomers Without Borders will gladly give your used eclipse glasses to families in South America and Asia so they can watch the solar eclipses in 2019.

The Cosmic Weirdness of Solar Eclipse Totality

Darkness comes to the Volunteer State.

Missed the Eclipse? You Get Another Chance
In 2024, another eclipse will traverse the United States—this time f…
See Four Planets During the Total Solar Eclipse
When the shadow of totality falls upon the land, the stars and plane…
Watch the Total Solar Eclipse Live Right Here

Slooh will be streaming all day as the shadow moves across the USA.

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The Shadow of the Moon Will Cross the Earth Today

The total solar eclipse is finally upon us.

One Day, Many Years From Now, Total Solar Eclipses Will No Longer Be Possible

The moon is slowly moving away from the Earth, and one distant day, it will be too small to block the sun entirely.

How to Gaze Through Telescopes Around the World From Your Computer For Free

Anyone will be able to enjoy the space sights through Slooh's telescopes from the comfort of their own home.

Get Ready for the Total Solar Eclipse With These Viewing Tips

How to see Bailey's Beads, the diamond ring, and maybe even the elusive shadow bands.

You Can Livestream August's Total Solar Eclipse—But You Shouldn't
Balloons across the country equipped with a myriad of cameras will livestream the historic eclipse, but you should travel to see it any…
In August 2017, America Will See Its First Total Solar Eclipse Since 1979

Start making travel plans, because you're not going to want to miss this one.