Sweden Went for a Swim When a Local Train Station Flooded

Whatever floats your boat.

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Sweden is renowned for being one of the , and perhaps it's because residents know how to make the best out of a bad situation. Case in point: A subway station flooded, so Swedes turned it into a swimming pool.

According to , heavy rains caused an underground train station in Uppsala to become inundated with knee-high water. Instead of complaining about the unexpected transit delays (although some did), several people decided to strip down to their boxers or shorts and go for a dip.

One woman, who BI identified as , even added a few accessories like a flotation device, scuba fins and an umbrella. Her father joined in on the fun, too.

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"The rain created this cool swimming pool in the city center," she wrote. "Here is my crazy father."

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Other participants who went for a swim, and people who happened to be at the Uppsala Central Station at the time, also shared the experience online. However, it wasn't all fun and games. There were a few safety concerns as one man noted in the photo above. "People are having fun; the security are trying to spoil it though," @svanstrom wrote. "Update: The water might get electrified."

Another user captured on video just how much water had taken over the entire station. In the clip, below, other people are seen taking their phones out and capturing the unique moment on camera.

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According to a , the town did not state whether the local municipality, the train station, or the Swedish Transport Administration were responsible for not properly preparing for the flood. However, as of Sunday night, all of the water was pumped out and transit resumed as normal.

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