Everything You Need to Know About 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

We're still many months from release, but here's what we know (and don't know) now.


The Force will awaken this year, but until the moment that first opening scroll rolls on Episode VII, most of what's out there is rumor and supposition. Here's our omnibus take on everything newsworthy to happen since the new trilogy became a new hope.

• It all started a long time ago, when Disney acquired Lucasfilm (and therefore the Star Wars franchise) in 2012.

• Back then people were , because Disney was still in the early days of developing its Marvel juggernaut.

• Then came the announcement that there would be a new trilogy, and J.J. Abrams would helm the first film! "The Lost guy?" people shouted. "He's already doing Star Trek!" They were right to worry, but .

• Excitement grew, though! Disney planned not just a trilogy—but two additional spin-offs! The first, , spoke to fanboys. The second, a flick, gave us a reason to love scoundrels again.

• But these were just words, ideas—concepts. It was only a few months ago that we first got to see the product of Abrams at the helm, when a brave pilot took to the skies and .

• These sets, they proved something—. A hope that Abrams understood what was wrong with the prequels, and was correcting those mistakes.

• The director's excitement grew alongside that of the fans. He began to share the wealth, and give the fans what they want, like . Or this .

• Then it came: Disney and Abrams shared a title for Episode VII, The Force Awakens.

• And shortly after, a teaser trailer was released.


• Rumors began to spread: that on the project, that Aaron Paul was being .

• The biggest letdown, though, was that (yet, anyway).

• Dark Lord George Lucas for new films, which was probably a serious blow to the Ewok and Jar Jar Binks fans of the world.

• Now that we're months from the release date, the rumors have sped up. There have been plot rumors that a weathered, reclusive Luke Skywalker , preventing a new evil from acquiring the secret power within.

• There have been rumors that because of this (and the age of the actors) of the new Star Wars films, prompting some to wonder if they'll survive to a second film.

• The biggest rumor, though, is that Abrams has requested the finished film's release date be , where it could go toe-to-toe with another Disney property in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

(SPOILER ALERT!): The biggest plot bombshell to drop is the rumored revelation, . Also apparently Han Solo and Leia .

• have apparently revealed that Domnhall Gleeson will be playing Luke Skywalker's son. Rumor has it he'll be a double agent trying to disarm the galaxy, with unintended consequences. However, suggests that Domnhall Gleeson won't be Luke's son.

• Another rumor claims that there will be , but only Kylo Renn will have a lot of screen time. At least we know what ; very little is known about any of these other new villains.

• that a new trailer and post for the film will be revealed at Star Wars Celebration, which starts on April 16. While plenty of , it doesn't look like we'll see any of Luke.

So now, we wait for the return of the Jedi, for the attack of a better trilogy, and for Star Wars to bounce back.


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