Cassette Tape Sales Were on the Rise in 2017

A proudly retro piece of tech sees a small bump.

tiny record player
The Tiniest Record Player Actually Works

A novelty from 2004 that remains just as odd today.

Mark Hamill during the 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' photocall
Mark Hamill Regrets Those 'Not My Luke' Comments
Hamill opened up about his public disapproval of Rian Johnson's visi…
Go Completely Wireless With These Treblab Earbuds
The Treblab X11 are bluetooth earbuds that are truly wireless—and co…
These Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds Deliver Great Sound on the Cheap

For $25, you don't have to sacrifice sound quality or comfort.

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Watch a Man Play a Guitar Duet With a Power Drill

Who knew a drill could be so musically talented?

The New Fender Strat Still Reigns Supreme

With a suite of subtle design improvements, playing a Fender Stratocaster has never felt better.

This Prop Daft Punk Helmet Is Better Than The Real Thing

The helmet comes with beat detection, MIDI and even wifi.

old bridge turntable
America's Crumbling Bridges are Becoming Turntables

Our vinyl infrastructure has never been stronger.

Eerie Sounding DIY Organ Uses 49 Motors to Make Music

The homemade organ uses stepper motors and a series of spinning wheels to generate musical notes.

How Sam Phillips Invented the Sound of Rock and Roll

The unusual engineering behind a legendary sound.

Meet One of the Last Working Jukebox Repairmen

An art not entirely lost or forgotten.

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Carl Sagan record in space
How to Play a Vinyl Record in the Stratosphere

Boldy remi Carl Sagan where no one has remixed him before.

floppy disks
Ingenious Wooden Contraption Lets You Play Guitar Without Learning

The Chordelia makes playing guitar as easy as pulling a lever.

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This Handmade Marble Music Machine Will Blow Your Mind

This guy DEFINITELY aced band class.

Kanye Busted Torrenting Music Software From The Pirate Bay

Well this is awkward...


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