Dubai International Airport


Drone Sighting Shuts Down Dubai Airport

It's part of a recurring theme of drones shutting down major airports.

sigaretta elettronica
Exploding Vape Shuts Down Plane, Cancels Flight
A vape pen inside someone's carry-on luggage spontaneously burst int…
Airbus A380 to cease production
Why Airbus Is About To Kill Off the Giant A380

The giant airliner's days are numbered.

Plane flying past control tower
The Country That Canceled All Flights For a Day
The situation is dire, especially as another government shutdown loo…
Airplanes at Newark Liberty Airport
Airline Sues Man for Missing Flight on Purpose

The passenger was using a clever airline hack.

Crowd Watching Preparation for Columbia Takeoff
Boeing's 747 Turned 50 Years Old But Still Faces a Fight for Survival

The iconic plane reaches a milestone, but it may not reach another.

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Concorde's First Flight
The Concorde's Iconic 'Droop Nose' Is Getting Restored to Full Functionality

Soon, you can watch the nose as if it were approaching a runway.

Retired Boeing 747 Will Roll Across a Highway to Its Final Resting Place

The old bird will live on as an exhibit at the Corendon Village Hotel in Amsterdam once it completes its slow, three-day journey.

The Beautifully Efficient Airplane Boarding Method That Mere Humans Just Can't Pull Off

Plus other better ones that airlines still don't use for some reason.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines planes are seen at Amsterdam...
Nobody Wants to Claim This Abandoned Airplane at Madrid's Main Airport

It's been parked there for "years" and it seems destined to stay a while longer.

Major Airports Face Staffing Shortages and Delays Amid Government Shutdown

The government shutdown's effect on aviation is taking hold.

TSA Agents' Pay Uncertain As Government Shutdown Continues
Flight Attendants Union President: Government Shutdown Is 'Disaster' for Aviation Industry
"I am very aware that when I get in a plane that I am less safe than I was a month ago," AFA President Sara Nelson tells Popular Mechan…
Hooters Air Takes Off From Newark
15 Extinct Airlines That Time Forgot

You know American, Delta, and JetBlue, but do you know Braniff, Mohawk, and Hooters Air?

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Vladivostok International Airport
Drunken Siberian Man Hijacks Commercial Plane Bound for Moscow

The plane landed nowhere near the Middle East.

British government's flight ban on electronic devices
A Hacker Just Exposed The Ancient Flaw That Makes Airlines So Hackable

A hacker just exposed the ancient flaw that makes airlines so hackable.

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US Airways Passenger Jet Crashes Into Hudson River By NYC
8 Emergency Landings That Rival the 'Miracle on the Hudson'
Though the 'Miracle on the Hudson' lives on in infamy, these other emergency landings are proof that pilots are regularly capable of he…
Chelsea Sully Sullenberger
What My Father Taught Me: Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger
The captain who landed US Airways flight 1549 in the Hudson River explains how his father helped prepare him for that heroic moment. (C…
US Airways Passenger Jet Crashes Into Hudson River By NYC
What Went Right: Revisiting Captain "Sully" Sullenberger's Miracle on the Hudson
The ditching of Flight 1549 into an icy river was unprecedented, jaw-dropping—and sometimes misunderstood. Here's a pilot's-eye view of…

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