Plane Crash in Cuba Leaves Over 100 Dead

Early reports place the blame on aging aircraft.

Drone Company Allegedly Brings Bomb on Plane
A legal complaint from a former security officer says the company br…
You Should Read "The Right Stuff"
Celebrated author and journalist Tom Wolfe died today at 88. Even if…
sichuan airlines broken cockpit
Co-Pilot Flies Halfway Out of Broken Cockpit

Fortunately he was wearing his seat belt.

How WWI Pilots Pioneered the Age of Airmail
On May 15, 1918, the U.S. Post Office officially launched the age of…
911 Callers Reported Seeing C-130 Fall From the Sky

"I've got flames and smoke everywhere and stuff coming out of the sky," one man told a 911 operator .

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NTSB investigation
The Blown Engine on Southwest Flight 1380 Suffered "Tooth Decay"

Mechanics say the engines wore down from sucking up debris on frequent takeoffs and landings.

Flying taxis
Dallas Flyers Club: What Uber's Flying Taxi Future Feels Like

We zoom around Dallas in a Bell Helicopter to find out how the future of commuting by air will actually work.

Airlines Race To Inspect the Engine That Went Wrong on Southwest Flight 1380

Southwest had to delay and cancel lots of Monday flights to check on its planes.

Southwest Airlines Sought More Time for Engine Inspections
The airline opposed a recommendation by the engine manufacturer to require ultrasonic inspections of certain fan blades within 12 month…
What Actually Happens When a Plane Loses an Engine

When an airliner suffers an engine failure, like what happened yesterday to Southwest Flight 1380, this is what's supposed to occur.

What We Already Know About the Southwest Airlines Engine That Failed

A jet equipped with one of these engines takes off somewhere in the world about every two minutes.

Pilot Who Landed Southwest Flight Was One of the First Women to Fly an F/A-18

Tammie Jo Shults’ performance under pressure may have saved lives.

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Design Firm Wants to Make Air Travel More Dehumanizing Than Ever

The "Skyrider 2.0" design was unveiled at the Airliners Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany.

Southwest Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Windows Tears Open

News helicopter footage showed damage to the left engine of the plane and the tarmac covered with firefighter foam.

tom scott g-force
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Stratolaunch Plans First Flight of Its Giant Plane for This Summer

Three more taxi tests are on the schedule before the enormous aircraft takes its maiden flight.

Climate Change Could Make Air Travel Even Worse

Rising seas, increased storms, and other effects from climate change will take a toll on your travel plans.

Air Force Thunderbirds Pilot Dies in Nevada F-16 Crash

The jet went down during a routine aerial demonstration training flight.

High Winds Cause Hangar Collapse in Houston

Authorities say the wind appears to have caused the hangar at a private terminal to disintegrate.

A Software Failure Just Delayed Half of All Flights in Europe

During the outage, airports were limited to 10 departures per hour.

NASA Picks Lockheed Martin to Make Low-Boom Supersonic X-Plane
Lockheed, whose Skunk Works division did initial work on the jet, wins the $247.5 million contract to build a quieter plane that could …
De-Icing Wind Turbines Is Easy With a Giant Drone

The drone from Aerones can lift an entire person, or enough equipment to keep wind turbines operational.

Teen Found Hiding 'In or Around' Airplane's Wheel Well

Authorities say the 16-year-old boy ran from police and jumped an airfield fence Thursday.

The Record-Setting Paper Airplane Builder Explains His Magic

Here's how to hit your coworker from all the way across the office.

Pilot Dumps 30 Tons of Fuel for Life-Saving Emergency Landing

The plane was too heavy to make a landing at the nearest runway without dropping serious weight.

First Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner Is Entering Service

The newest and biggest Dreamliner was delivered to Singapore Airlines.

The First Direct Flight From Australia to London Touches Down

The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner arrived in London just over 17 hours after setting off from Perth.

United Gives $10,000 Travel Voucher to 'Bumped' Passenger
United raised the amount airport employees could pay a bumped passenger to $10,000 last year after criticism over the violent dragging …

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