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The Foldable Drone Could Be Perfect for Rescues

It's a superpower that could let it explore disaster sites with ease.

Why It's So Hard to Put a Parachute on a Drone

And how Indemnis found a way to do it.

This Nine-Part 'Flex-Plane' Drone Wobbles in Wind

It wobbles in turbulence, instead of breaking apart.

What a Drone Collision Does to an Airplane Wing

Drones can do significantly more damage than bird strikes.

drone flying neighborhood
Regulatory Overhaul Could Change Drone Use in US
There is intense debate over how closely drone and model aircraft en…
This Giant Homemade Drone Crashed Into a Tree in Ukraine. You Might Be Surprised Who Built It.

The Ukraine is becoming a hotbed of drone conflict. But this bizarre homemade UAV is something else.

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ibm coffee drone
IBM Files Patent For a Coffee Delivery Drone

It would know when you need a caffeine boost and fly over with your fancy coffee.

How To Build Your Own Drone

A DIY drone is within your grasp.

Giant Solar Drone Breaks Record for Longest Continuous Flight

The company's Zephyr drone stayed airborne for 26 days.

drone fire
Drones Are (Still) a Firefighter's Nightmare

A fire in Colorado was allowed to rage freely for an hour thanks to drone interference.

Cowboy herding cattle in dust, sunset
How Drones Will Revolutionize Ranching

There's no need for a cowboy to ride all day in search of a stray when a drone with an infrared camera can spot it from on high.

The Dronebrellas Are Coming

Just don't expect to use them in the rain, at least not yet.

Drone Company Allegedly Brings Bomb on Plane, Fires Whistleblower Employee
A legal complaint from a former security officer says the company brought an explosive-laden drone on a flight with 230 other passenger…
De-Icing Wind Turbines Is Easy With a Giant Drone

The drone from Aerones can lift an entire person, or enough equipment to keep wind turbines operational.

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Drones Are Helping Restore Power in Puerto Rico

Drones can locate downed lines and repair them more easily than humans.

drone video
Latest Viral Drone Video Has Pilots Freaked Out

It's only a matter of time before a crash, airline groups warm.

At This Drone Competition, To Win Is To Destroy

The best way to find the toughest drones is to run them through an aerial gauntlet.

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Boeing Reveals Unmanned MQ-25 Carrier-Launched Tanker for Navy Competition

Boeing's design will compete for a Navy contract to build unmanned tankers for aircraft carriers.

New Jersey is Trying to Ban Drunk Drone Flying

The New Jersey bill would make operating a drone under the influence of alcohol a disorderly person offense.

Amazon Patents Drone Self-Destruction System

In a worst-case scenario, the shopping giant wants drone fragmentation.