meteorite costa rica


Rare Mud Meteorite Crashes Into Costa Rica

It could provide huge clues about the origins of our solar system.

NASA yeast cells
NASA Is Launching Yeast Into Deep Space
Some people use it to make bread. These scientists are using it to s…
First Spacewalk by US Astronaut
Are We Reaching the End of Spacewalks?
Robots can handle many dangerous jobs. But sometimes, you need an as…
Blue Moon
What To Know About Tonight's Blue Flower Moon

Including the gear to help you catch the best views.

Watch SpaceX Launch Its Starlink Satellites
Sixty sats take off from Cape Canaveral tonight in the first step to…
moon pirate flag
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NASA Asks for More than a Billion Dollars to Return to the Moon

The agency wants a lunar landing by 2024, but first it will need a whole lot of money from Congress.

Elon Musk Wants Global Broadband Internet. Here's His First Step

SpaceX's Starlink satellite network will have its first launch on Wednesday.

Phobos and Mars, artwork
NASA Takes Groundbreaking Photos of Mars' Weirdest Moon

Is Phobos actually an asteroid or a chunk of the red planet itself? These images could provide crucial clues.

Why the World's Richest Man Wants Humans To Live on Floating Space Cities

They're called 'O'Neill Colonies,' and Amazon's Jeff Bezos wants them to be humanity's new home.

Blue Origin Reveals the Blue Moon Lunar Lander

This lander is designed for cargo and will run on liquid hydrogen.

nasa lunar south pole
India Will Attempt to Land on the Moon in September

If Chandrayaan-2 is successful, the country will become just the fourth to touch down on the lunar surface.

Welp, Now We Have 20,000 Potentially Dangerous Asteroids to Worry About

Even better news: There are probably a ton more that scientists haven't found yet.

The 15 Biggest Space Missions of the Next Decade

A look at what's to come as we continue to explore the vast expanse of the cosmos.

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black hole pic
Now That We've Seen a Black Hole, Here's What Future Photos Could Look Like

The first image was stunning. The next pictures could look five times better.

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An Asteroid Will Come Incredibly Close to Earth in 2029

Grazing by some of our satellites, this asteroid has scientists excited.

itokawa asteroid
What Finding Water on an Ancient Asteroid Means for Life on Earth

This is much more than just a pile of asteroid dust.

NASA's Mars 2020 Mission Passes Critical Heat Shield Test

This is how engineers recreate the hellish conditions of Martian reentry to test components that will go up against the real thing.

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