Food & Drink

Brewery Turns Old Cereal Into Beer

Hey, what else would you do with rejected cereal?

Take a Tour of This Zero-Waste Distillery

Fine spirits. No carbon footprint.

The Best Portable BBQ Grills for Cooking Anywhere
Enjoy grilled meats and veggies at the park, campsite, or tailgate w…
drinking coffee at breakfast
How To Make Really Good Coffee

Even a small investment can have a huge—and delicious—payoff.

How Cognac Is Made (and How to Enjoy It)

The barrel-aged brandy isn’t just meant for sipping with a cigar.

Make This Flavor-Packed Old Fashioned for Memorial Day Weekend

Kick off summer with a deliciously complex rye that bourbon drinkers love.

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Grilling Food
The Best Outdoor Gas Grills to Rule Patio Season

Get ready for summer with one of these gas grills for any budget.

How to Make Gasoline from Tea

Yes, the byproducts of that refreshing drink can also power a car.

Cleaning the outdoor grill
How to Clean Your BBQ Grill

A clean grill is safer, looks great, and just works better

Celebrate World Cocktail Day with a Surprising Spin on the Boulevardier

Sherry-rested vodka instead of whisky? Strange—but scientifically delicious.

Here Comes the World’s First AI-Generated Whisky

But robots aren’t stealing master blenders’ jobs … yet.

Dogfish Head and Sam Adams Have Officially Joined Forces

Just in time for summer beer-drinking season.

Trappist Monks Are Fighting to Save the Water in Their Sacred Beer

If locals drill deeper into their water source, Rochefort's world-class ales may never taste the same.

Watch This Cool Time Lapse Of a New Belgium Brewery Built in a Hotel Lobby

New Belgium made a brewery in a hotel, and we got to watch

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This Machine Makes Canned Beer Taste Like Draft

I couldn't believe it, but the Fizzics actually works

10 Stupendous Stouts You Ought To Drink This St. Patrick's Day

Few beers are more typically Irish than the stout, and few days are better for drinking them than St. Pattys

An $18 Supermarket Whisky Was Just Named One of the World's Best

Lidl's Queen Margot beat out serious competition in the Blended Scotch category.

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What Is Aquavit, and Why Are They Suddenly Making Scandinavian Booze in Colorado?

Devil’s Head distiller Ryan White makes aquavit that’s true to his roots and entirely new.


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