20 Great Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers

Impress your friends and family with these fun finds—without spending a fortune.

Michael Stillwell

We've got a selection of stocking stuffers that are sure to please.

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Yeti Colster
Yeti Rambler Colster


This next generation drink coozie is like a mini-cooler for your can or bottle. It’s vacuum-insulated and features a locking gasket to keep your drink secure. The no sweat design won’t leave water circles on your furniture and protects your hand from a cold or hot drink.

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work gloves
Ironclad Ranchworx Gloves


These work gloves are up for any task, be it around the house or on the jobsite. The bullwhip leather won’t shrink if they get wet, and the rolltop fingers provide more protection but maintain dexterity. Thermoplastic knuckle protection helps against abrasion and impact making this one of the toughest gloves around.

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Berkley PowerBait MaxScent - The General


Add some tech to your tackle box with this new lure from Berkley. Anglers are always looking for the next big advantage when fishing, and Berkley’s, PowerBait MaxScent just might tilt the tables in your favor. They’ve introduced a new material that releases a super-charged scent field that attracts fish.

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flaming bulb
Flame Bulb


This bulb recreates a flickering flame and works in any standard E26 socket. It works to great effect as a Halloween decoration, but can be used year round to set a vintage or spooky tone.

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Chums Floating Keychain


This floating keychain is the perfect stocking stuffer for the fisherman or water enthusiast in your life. It floats two keys and it’s bright yellow color make it easy to spot in the water. It fits comfortably on your wrist and will stretch to fit.

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Beyond Coastal
Beyond Coastal Sunscreen


Most sunscreens contain a bunch of junk that isn’t healthy for you or the environment, but you have to wear something to protect your skin. Beyond Coastal suncreen protects from UVA/UVB rays and also nourishes your skin with green tea extract, yerba mate, and B5 pantheon. It’s also been manufactured in a cruel free way and does not contain parabens or oxybenzones or oils.

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Vuarnet Nightlynx


Wear the Nightlynx at night to amplify light when levels are low or completely absent. Ideal for night driving, driving in fog, or any other low light situation. The lenses will block 100 percent of UV rays and harmful blue light by stopping Xenon and LED portion of the visible light spectrum.

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PacSafe RFIDsafe Tec Wallet


This slim wallet holds up to five cards, a transit/ID card, and some cash. The wallet material and aluminium construction effectively blocks all RFID frequencies, to prevent RFID theft. Available in navy with red lining and black with lime lining.

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Snow Peak
Snow Peak Chopping Board Set


This convenient set is a chopping board that folds up and stores a knife inside. This large size has a full sized chefs knife and is the perfect size to use in the Iron Grill Table or to use on a table top surface.

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Biolite Sitelight XL


This collapsible camping lantern gives off a diffused glow, that is welcome change from typical LED lanterns. They can be daisy-chained for more light, and they store away easily into the included bag. 300 lumens and dimmable, make these lights adaptable to any situation.

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Otterbox Star Wars Smartphone Cases


Geek out over these new Star Wars themed smartphone cases from Otterbox. They’ve arrived just in time to celebrate The Last Jedi. Otterbox cases are the toughest around and now you can proudly show your support for the Empire or Rebellion.

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Dewalt 14 Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set


A quality set of drill bits is a gift that keeps on giving. The titanium pilot point on this set from Dewalt will prolong the life of these bits and will start on for cleaner holes. Fourteen sizes ensures you’ll always have the right fit.

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Kershaw Pub Carbon Fiber Multifunction Pocket Knife


This unique pocket knife includes a slotted screwdriver and bottle opener, all you need on your next camping trip. It’s got a carbon fiber front and steel backing which adds to it’s durability and sharp looking finish. At less than 3-inches closed you can take the Pub just about anywhere.

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Bosch Compact Laser Measure


This handy laser measure slips into any pocket or purse and can provide distances up to 65 feet. It's lighter and easier to use than a tape measure, so what's not to love.

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Dremel Engraver


Personalize just about anything you own with this engraver from Dremel. It works on Metal, plastic, wood, and leather. The kit also includes a letter and number template, but go free hand for a one of a kind custom look.

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Howard Leight Shooting Earmuff


These range earmuffs have built-in directional microphones that will amplify range commands to a safe 82 dB, but will shut off sounds above 82 dB. They also include an external audio jack so you can use them as protective headphones.

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Coast LED Inspection Beam Flashlight


The LED pen light is used by inspectors everywhere, but can also come in handy for tasks around the house and while traveling. It features 10 hours of runtime and the concentrated beam can illuminate up to 72 feet away. It's impact and water resistant, making this coast flashlight a great camping and travel companion.

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C-130 Cookie Cutter


Make the holidays more badass with a c-130 Hercules cookie cutter. Etsy shop Things4Thinkers actually has 34 other military-inspired cutters, including an F-18 Hornet, an F-35 Lightning II, and, of course, the A-10 Thunderbolt II.

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Opinel 8-Inch Pocket Knife


The Opinel 8-inch pocket knife is a great (and cheap) everyday carry and is one of the best blades you can find under $20. It's 6-inch sibling makes for a truly great knife for small spaces, but the 8-inch allows for more power behind every cut. If you need some more ideas, check out our pocket knife guide for 17 other blades with a range of prices

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Anker PowerCore+ mini


One Anker's most popular chargers, the lipstick-shaped PowerCore+ mini comes in five colors and provides enough power for one full recharge of most phones. Keep in mind that it doesn't have integrated connectors (a micro-USB cable is included, iPhone users will need to use their own Lightning cable).

If you want some more battery pack ideas, read our guide for the perfect fit.

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