Close-Up Of Frozen Window At Home
5 Tricks for Staying Warm When It's Deadly Cold
When things get really chilly, you need to take some precautions—eve…
Plumber's tools on toilet at home
5 Ways Neglecting Your Bathroom Can Cost You

It's the one room that needs to work. Here's how to keep it ticking.

Mature man standing on ladder painting wall outdoors
4 Big Painting Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Painting can be easy, if you avoid these common mistakes.

Plumber working under kitchen sink, overhead view
5 Big Plumbing Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)
It's easy to make mistakes when working on plumbing. Luckily, it's e…
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Sears sign
After 126 Years, This Looks Like the End for Sears [Update: Maybe Not!]

A last-minute deal to save the long-standing company—first reported to have fallen through—is back on.

The 25 Things You Should Learn to DIY This Year

Take charge in 2019 and start fi stuff yourself.

Man installs light fixture in new home
You're Doing These 5 DIY Jobs Wrong

Here's how to start doing them right.

That Time I Bought Prehung Double Doors Too Wide for My Doorway

I became very well acquainted with a circular saw.

How to Silence a Noisy Steam Radiator
Anyone with steam heating in their house knows the telltale sounds of an old system, including clanging and whistling. Don't put up wit…
20 Painting Secrets the Pros Won't Tell You

Each painter has slightly different methods and preferences, but the pros all know the trade secrets.

How to Make Your Own Christmas Swag

Add a touch of greenery and boost the Christmas cheer around your home. It's remarkably easy to do.

loft gym
The Best Flooring Options for Your Home Gym

It all starts with the ground you're walking (and sweating) on.

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The Man, the Wood, and the River

Greg Klassen hand-picks dramatic wood from the Pacific Northwest for his inventive and spellbinding tables.

Boxer puppy relieving itself on sheets of newspaper
How to Housebreak a Puppy

It ain't easy. Good thing puppies are so cute.

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The Best Christmas Tree Stands for the Holidays

What good is the perfect tree if you don't have the right stand to hold it up?

Waste Not: 6 Things You Can Do With Sawdust and Wood Shavings

Wood is good. Even its dust and shavings are useful.

Frustrated father and son cleaning clutter in garage
100 Songs to Clean the Garage To

The ultimate playlist to help you power through.

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