Lawn and Garden

The Best Brush Clearing Tips and Equipment

And how to get rid of it—the right way—in a single weekend.

The 7 Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers
These walk-behind mowers will make trimming your lawn feel like a wa…
Herb Garden Seedling Plants in Retail Containers
How to Plant an Indoor Herb Garden
Herbs like basil and sage add a blast of flavor to any meal. If you …
Dreams need to be nurtured
Start Your Perfect Indoor Garden Right Now
We ask a longtime garden expert for her top tips for successful seed…
Wide-Area Walk Mowers: When You Have More Lawn Than a Simple Push Mower Can Handle

If you have too much lawn for a small push mower but not enough for a riding mower, consider one of these capable machines.

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This Cub Cadet Is the Push Mower for People Who Don't Mess Around

When you just need to get the mowing done so you can move on with your day, you need a mower like the Cub Cadet.

Mower with flying grass clippings
The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Lawn Mower

Not all yards are the same, and not all mowers are either.

How to Seed a New Lawn

If you'd like a lush new lawn this spring, you need to get ready now.

Man mowing the lawn.  France.
Do I Need To Change My Lawnmower Blades?

Here's a quick and easy guide to the three basic blade types, and how to keep your mower cutting right.

Learn When to Fertilize Your Lawn

Spring is the perfect time to fertilize your lawn.

Cleaning Up After Another Winter Storm
The Joys of Shoveling Snow

I used to think of it as a chore, but now it feels like much more than that.

Christmas tree
Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh

These simple tips will help make your Christmas tree last through the whole joyous season.

How To Buy the Right Rake

A rake is not a one-size-fits-all tool. For the job at hand, you need to buy a rake that’s up to the task.

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The Zen of Mowing for Someone Who Needs It

As a college student, Rodney Smith, Jr. started cutting grass for those who couldn't. Now he can't stop.

lawn mower during the mowing grass in garden
How to Mulch Leaves With a Lawn Mower

Do double duty by using your mower to mulch the leaves that have fallen on your lawn.

The Best Leaf Vacuum for Yards of Any Size

Use a leaf vacuum to collect leaves without creating a mess.

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The 6 Best Fire Pits For Warming Up Your Backyard

If you need something to make those cool nights a bit more pleasant, these fire pits can help heat things up.

fall leaves
6 Tips to Get Your Lawn Ready for Fall
The end of summer doesn't mean the end of lawn care. Take these simple steps with your grass now and you'll have a head start on a heal…
Lawn mower
The Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

For large yards with hilly terrain, a self-propelled lawn mower is a must-have.

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