The Navy's 2nd Stealth Destroyer Is Busted

The Zumwalt-class vessel is having turbine trouble.

Bad Weather 'Stormbreaker' Bomb Enters Testing

The all-weather precision guided bomb could enter service next year.

Spain’s Newest Submarine is Too Big For Port
The Isaac Peral was redesigned to solve buoyancy problems and is now…
Boeing's Newest F-15 Packs More Than 24 Missiles

The fighter would likely be a flying magazine for the F-22 Raptor.

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Why the C-5 Galaxy Is Such a Badass Plane

The C-5 can swallow main battle tanks and take them to Antarctica...and that's just the beginning.

What You Need To Know About the Air Force and Navy's Next Fighter Jets

Both services have new fighter planes in the works, and are trying not to repeat the mistakes of the F-35 program.

Watch an Ex-US Navy Ship Sink Under a Hail of Rockets, Missiles, and Torpedoes

Attacked by aircraft, land-based missiles and rockets and ultimately a submarine, the ex-USS Racine sank in three miles of water.

Why a Chinese Spy Ship Is Hanging Out Next to Hawaii

The international fleet gathered for U.S. Navy-led exercises is being watched by an uninvited visitor.

U.K. Introduces New Fighter Jet: The Tempest

The fighter exists only in mockup for now, and is expected to enter service in 2035.

First Anniversary Of The Referendum Which Annexed The Crimea To Russia
Now NATO Says Russian “Hybrid Warfare” Could Start a Real War
The global alliance can now go to collective war if a member is subjected to “hybrid warfare.” The problem is no one can define it clea…
The Air Force Valkyrie Drone, a Sidekick for Human-Piloted Planes, Will Fly This Year

The X-58A is planned as a “loyal wingman” to manned combat aircraft.

How the U.S. Military Helped Support the Thai Cave Rescue

U.S. special operations forces helped rescue the trapped boys’ soccer team.

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reaper drone nevada
Air Force Drone Documents Are Being Sold on Dark Web

Training manuals on the Reaper have popped up for sale.

The Long Awaited A-10 vs. F-35 Flyoff Is Off to a Sketchy Start
The Pentagon wants to know which is the better close air support aircraft, but a government watchdog claims the testing schedule is too…
The U.S. Navy Once Shot Down One of its Own Planes on Purpose

The unmanned Hawkeye aircraft was destroyed before it could become a safety threat.

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Russian Combat Drone Reportedly Set to Fly This Year

The “Hunter” drone is a “sixth generation” advanced strike aircraft.

Now Northrop Grumman Wants to Build Japan's New Fighter Jet

Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin could be headed for a showdown in Tokyo.

Navy Testing Superhydrophobic Hull Coatings For Submarines

The water-repellent coating should make submarines and other ships more fuel efficient, faster, and quieter.

Watch A-10 Warthogs Landing on the German Autobahn During the Cold War

The alliance prepared for a future war when real air bases were smashed into bits.

Stopping Killer Drone Swarms Before They Kill Us

The latest threat: swarms of unmanned aerial vehicles designed to overwhelm their under-equipped target.

Russia’s Aging Bomber Could Sling Mach 10 Missiles

The 1970s Backfire bomber could get a new lease on life by carrying hypersonic weaponry.

China Claims to Have a Laser Assault Rifle That Can Set Clothes on Fire

It's probably best to be skeptical about this alleged wonder weapon.

So Long TNT, There's a New Explosive in Town

Bis-oxadiazole could replace TNT and other explosives in military ordnance.

The Army’s Next Fighting Vehicle Will Be a Troop Carrier

A replacement for the M2 Bradley is next on the Army’s list of priorities

China's Not Coming to America's Big Pacific War Games This Time

But 52 ships, 18 armies, and 26 countries are participating in this year’s RIMPAC.

Hellfire Tank Killer Replacement Enters Production

The Joint Air Ground Missile will launch from helicopters, smash tanks, boats, virtually anything worth smashing.

A German Warship Was Scorched By Its Own Missile

The American-made SM-2 air defense missile failed to clear its own silo.