Norway Will Scrap Sunken Frigate

It would cost more to repair the damaged ship than to purchase a replacement.

World War II Bomb Explodes 75 Years Later
Even though the war is long over, the dangerous ordnance still remai…
Those Weren't UFOs—They Were DARPA Balloons
Sadly, those strange orbs floating above Kansas City weren't from ou…
The Marines Are Testing a Drone-Killing Laser
This Boeing-built laser would protect Marines and other friendly for…
This Humvee Is a Sideways-Driving Freak Machine
Volvo made a Humvee vehicle with some head-scratching engineering ba…
A Closer Look at the MQ-4 Triton, the Recon Drone Iran Just Shot Down

Designed to spy on maritime environments, Triton is the largest drone in the U.S. Military.

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Supposed Westall UFO encounter.
Why Are Senators Suddenly Being Briefed on UFOs?

Government officials are “coming out of the woodwork” to learn more about the Navy’s encounters with mysterious aircraft.

Largest U.S. Destroyer Out For Trials
The Navy’s Next Warship Will Look a Lot Like the USS Zumwalt

Large Surface Combatant will retain the Zumwalt class of destroyers’ knifelike appearance.

2019 Paris Air Show in Le Bourget
Turkey Has Its Own High-Tech Fighter Jet in the Works

Ankara says the fifth generation fighter, called the TF-X, will be operational in just nine years.

Meet 'The Natter,' Nazi Germany's Wooden Rocket Plane

Designed to shoot down Allied bombers, the Natter was too late—and maybe too weird—to affect the outcome of the war.

Here Are All the F-35's New Upgrades

Longer range, the ability to control drone swarms, and tons of secret stuff will go into the next version of the fighter.

russian energy
Report: The U.S. Hacked Russia's Electrical Grid

President Trump denies the accusations.

This New Hypersonic Missile Would Travel Faster Than Mach 5

It's designed to minimize the reaction time of enemy air defenses.

France Unveils Next-Generation Fighter Jet

FCAS will replace the Rafale as Europe’s frontline fighter.

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NASA air force
A Space Force by Any Other Name: House Committee Approves "Space Corps"

Once mocked, the bipartisan proposal is now closer to reality.

Watch 43 Marine Corps Aircraft Take Off Together in an Elephant Walk

It's a display of U.S. military strength and readiness.

Two Oil Tankers Attacked in the Middle East, U.S. Destroyer Rescues Crew

The perpetrators of the attack, which allegedly included at least one torpedo, are unknown.

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Captured U-Boat
The One Time a German U-Boat Wound Up in New York City’s Central Park

The mighty UC-5 went from terror of the deep to an amusement for park goers.

U.S. Air Force Lockheed SR-71A Blackbird.
What It Was Like To Fly the SR-71 Blackbird

A veteran pilot and docent at the National Air & Space Museum explains the intricacies of the fastest jet that ever flew.

Turns Out Buying a Chinese Knock-Off Predator Drone Is a Bad Idea

The country of Jordan is experiencing some serious buyer's remorse.

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