A Brief History of Prince Harry's Military Career

From fighting the Taliban to launching the Invictus Games to support wounded veterans, Harry has spent his entire adult life in uniform.

Black Hawk Helicopter Drops Ammo Box on School
The damage took out power in part of the building but fortunately no…
Portable Shot Spotter Points Users Toward Gunfire

The PEARL system alerts users to the direction of hostile shots.

France’s New Armored Car Does Not Mess Around

The husky armored car is heavily armed and ready to roll.

The Air Force Had To Apologize For an A-10 Tweet

USAF comes strong on Laurel vs. Yanny... and it doesn't go so well.

The U.S. Army Is Inspecting Its Entire Fleet of Apache Helicopters for a Critical Flaw​​

The faulty part could cause the helicopter rotors to separate in flight.

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V-280 Valor Tiltrotor Achieves First Cruise Mode Flight

The Valor is a contender to replace the UH-60 .

The U.S. Air Force Is Borrowing the Army’s Camouflage Uniform

But why does the Air Force wear camouflage anyway?

The Army Is Testing a Missile-Proof 'Iron Curtain'

The system would protect lighter vehicles from rocket and missile attack.

'Gremlins' Will Turn Airplanes Into Flying Aircraft Carriers

Aircraft such as the C-130 Hercules will launch small drones, reel them back in again.

The U.S. Army is Looking for Its First New Submachine Gun Since WWII

The last time the Army adopted a submachine gun was 75 years ago.

Russia’s Latest Military Tech From the 2018 Moscow V-E Day Parade

The parade is a coming-out party for the latest Russian military hardware.

U.S. Army Getting New Machine Gun Round, Special Ops Getting New Sniper Bullet
The new sniper bullet offers greater range than existing rounds, while the new machine gun round will be the foundation of a new, bette…
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The Navy Wants to Give Its Bigger Planes a Way to Shoot Down Missiles

Small interceptors, perhaps on a drone wingman, would keep big planes safe from air-to-air threats.

America’s Newest Aircraft Carrier Suffers a Breakdown

It’s the second breakdown in a year for the USS Ford’s propulsion system.

Meet Russia’s Machine Gun-Toting Snowmobile

The “Berkut” snowmobile has a heated cab and can tow soldiers on skis.

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The U.S. Army Is Rushing to Field Drone-Killing Stryker Armored Vehicles

The threat of enemy aircraft and drones is forcing the Army to field a solution fast.

U.S. Navy Re-Establishes the Second Fleet Because Russia Is on the Rise

The Second Fleet will keep an eye on Russian navy ships on this side of the Atlantic.

The Russian Military Is Getting New Assault Rifles

The AK-12 and AK-15 will replace older weapons in the Russian Armed Forces.

Robot Stingrays Sunk Your Battleship

A fever of stealthy swimming stingrays may seem like fiction, but it could become a very real threat.

Russian Fighter Flies Within 20 Feet of U.S. Navy Jet

The Sukhoi fighter performed an "unprofessional intercept."

Ukraine Bought This American Anti-Tank Missile. Will It Help Them Keep Russia at Bay?
The Trump administration’s sale of Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine won’t change the war. But it’s more than just a gesture of sup…
This Remote Alaskan Radar Is America's First Line of Defense

Sitting more than three thousand miles from San Francisco, the giant radar provides advance warning of missile attack.

hiroshima jawbone
New Study Shows Full Extent of Radiation Damage to Hiroshima Victims

A study decades in the making shows victims may have absorbed double a deadly dose.

Marine Corps Commandant: In 15 Years, Our Aircraft Won't Need a Human in the Cockpit

The Commandant of the Marine Corps insists the technology is there.

Marines Set to Field New Designated Marksman Rifle

Designated marksmen are the best shots in a unit but not quite snipers.

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