Naval collision between of HMS Serapis


Shipwreck of One of America’s First Warships Found

The Bonhomme Richard was commanded by none other than John Paul Jones himself.

The Air Force Academy is Building a Stealth Drone
The drone is the size of a fighter jet and designed to challenge air…
DDG 1001 arrives in San Diego
Final U.S. Navy Stealth Destroyer Launches
The Navy still hasn’t said what it’s going to do about the fact that…
Russian Bombers Fly to Venezuela for Exercises
Moscow sends Tu-160 “Blackjack” bombers to Caracas every five years …
Mapping Service Accidentally Locates Secret Bases
Israeli and Turkish military bases are now helpfully identified by b…
A Chinese Military Official Suggests Ramming U.S. Warships in the South China Sea

A senior Chinese military official suggested ramming U.S. warships operating in Chinese territorial waters.

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Destroyer Explodes
5 Things You Didn't Know About Pearl Harbor

Facts you may not know about the day that lives in infamy.

Meet the Chukavin, Russia’s New Sniper Rifle

The Chukavin sniper rifle will replace the Dragunov SVD in Russian Army service.

NE17 in full-swing
The Cryptic Letters, Numbers, and Symbols on U.S. Military Vehicles, Explained

A quick guide to the nomenclature that identifies America's military vehicles and units.

What's Behind the Stark Rise in U.S. Military Accidents?

Collisions at sea and aviation accidents point to an overtaxed force.

Russia Deploys New Ground-Based Laser Weapon

Very little is known about the Peresvet laser weapon system other than that it exists.

Why the U.S. Is Quitting a Key Nuclear Weapons Treaty

Washington believes Moscow has violated the treaty by testing a new land-based cruise missile.

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One of Europe's Smallest Countries Is Getting the Most Advanced F-16 in the World

The tiny country is buying a squadron’s worth of F-16V fighter/bombers.

Dr. Robert Lanza
The Military Wants to Create Synthetic Life Forms to Track Enemies

On battlefields of the future, the environment itself could spy on America’s enemies.

The Air Force Will Test Laser Weapons by 2021

Airplanes armed with laser weapons will finally be a reality.

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How Confusion and Defects Led to a Norwegian Warship's Embarrassing Accident
A preliminary report on the collision between Helge Ingstad and a commercial tanker blames ship crews, design defects for the warship’s…
Space Junk Could Provide a Perfect Hiding Spot for Tiny Spy Satellites

Han Solo hid the Millennium Falcon in a cloud of trash, and the same method could hide satellites in low-Earth orbit.

Falcon 9 Telstar 19V Launches
'Space Force' May Be Hobbled Before Liftoff

The Space Force could end up a part of the larger Air Force.