Military Aviation

Watch a B-52’s Engines Explode Into Action

The B-52 Stratofortress bomber can use explosive cartridges to jump start its engines.

V-280 Tiltrotor Pilots Will See in All Directions
The aircraft will use an omnidirectional camera system pioneered on …
Mil Mi-26T2V helicopter presented in Moscow Region, Russia
Russia is Still Selling World’s Largest Helicopter
The Mi-26 “Halo” can lift up to 22 tons or more than a hundred peopl…
Watch a Helicopter Lift Another Helicopter
The Marines can take care of their own damaged helicopters, thank yo…
The B-21 Stealth Bomber Is Almost Ready to Fly
The B-21 Raider will replace the B-1B Lancer and B-2 Spirit as Ameri…
A Japanese F-35 Went Missing Over the Pacific Ocean and Is Presumed Lost

The plane disappeared during a routine training flight.

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Tornado GR4 Farewell Photo Flight
Why the Panavia Tornado Is Such a Badass Plane

Built for the Cold War, the Tornado remains a prime example of what happens when European engineering minds come together.

A F-16 Shot Itself With Its Own Gatling Gun

The jet collided with its own cannon shells or was on the receiving end of its own ricochets.

This New Air Defense System Can Intercept Aircraft-Dropped Bombs

The German-built Cheetah is essentially an aerial shield for ground forces.

McChord Field Pilots train refueling with new KC-46 Pegasus
Air Force Stops Deliveries of Trash-Filled KC-46 Tankers Yet Again

The discovery of more aircraft junk has spurred the Air Force to halt deliveries for the second time in a month.

Turkey takes delivery of first F-35 fighter jet in US
The U.S. Is Pausing Deliveries of F-35 Equipment to Turkey
Ankara is pressing forward with plans to buy a Russian air defense system, which Washington claims is incompatible with a F-35 purchase…
Albania’s Ghost Air Force Is Up for Sale, But It Doesn’t Look So Good

The jets, awaiting sale abroad, have been parked in an air base built into a mountainside for more than a decade.

Here's What It Looks Like When 24 F-22 Raptor Fighters Take Off at Once

The “elephant walk” is a show of Air Force readiness to fight on short notice.

First Flight of the SB-1 Defiant, a Potential Blackhawk Helicopter Replacement

The Defiant, or something very much like it, could replace the UH-60 Blackhawk transport helicopter in U.S. Army service.

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B-52 Stratofortress at RAF Fairford
U.S. Bombers Are Flying Over Europe, Baiting the Russian Bear

The bombers, flying from the United Kingdom, are operating close to Moscow’s borders.

The Marines Are Test-Flying Their Plywood Drone

The low-cost drone can deliver supplies to ground forces with pinpoint accuracy.

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The Air Force's New AI Is Basically R2-D2 for Fighter Jets

The U.S. military wants to put artificial intelligence in the cockpit, as an assistant or AI-powered wingman.

Operation Point Blank
Why the F-15 Is Still Going Strong After 50 Years

Upgrades have kept the jet relevant well into the 21st century.