Iran's F-5 fighter jet lands in Chabahar
Iran’s Aging American Jets Could Fly 60+ Years
The Iranian regime’s Gen X fighter jets could end up flying for more…
V-22 Osprey: The Revolutionary Tiltrotor
The V-22 Osprey flies, faster and farther than helicopters, giving t…
Four Mikoyan MiG-31military airplanes fly in formation over Moscow during a rehearsal for the Victory Day military parade to celebrate the 71st anniversary of the victory in WWII
Russia Resumes Fighter Patrols Over the North Pole
Two squadrons of aging interceptors will fly a route to intercept U.…
Potential Black Hawk Replacement in Ground Tests
The innovative new design could replace the military’s Black Hawk an…
Oops: Some F-35 Fighters Jets Could Become Unflyable by 2026

Structural cracks could limit early-production F-35s to nearly a quarter of their planned service lives.

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A U-2 Spy Plane Flying Over Northern California Is Pretending to Be the Starship Enterprise

The secretive spy plane is taking a cue from one of the most popular sci-fi shows of all time.

The Air Force May Not Build a New Stealth Tanker After All—But What About a Space Tanker?

The service appears to be trimming expectations to meet operational realities, budgets. But what's this thing about space tankers?

U.S. Air Force Finally Receives First Replacements for Its 60-Year-Old Stratotankers

The KC-46 is three years behind schedule and cost Boeing billions in overruns.

This Is Russia’s First Autonomous Strike Drone

The “Hunter” heavy strike drone has no equal in the United States.

US helicopters arrive Riga to support Operation Atlantic Resolve
The Air Force Has a Secret Weapon To Keep Its Aging Fleet Flying Even Longer: AI
The Air Force started using artificial intelligence to keep aging airplanes ready for operation. As early results come in, it’s time to…
The Air Force Installed the First 3D-Printed Part on an F-22 Raptor

The Air Force replaced an aluminum part with a new titanium one made with laser beams.

Watch an AC-130 Gunship Unleash Hell

The 105mm howitzer is by far the largest gun on any combat aircraft today.

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The Delightfully Weird Reason These Huge Concrete "Mirrors" Litter the English Countryside

Blocks made of concrete helped amplify the sound of incoming zeppelin bombers.

For Sale: One MiG-29 Fighter Jet, Gently Used

A flyable piece of Cold War history can be yours for the tidy sum of $4.65 million.

Israeli Air Force Maintains Routine Operations
Cockpit Canopy Falls Off F-15 at 30,000 Feet, Pilot Lands the Damn Jet Anyway

The crew of the Israeli fighter jet decided to tough it out and land the plane rather than eject.

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Taiwan is Reverse-Engineering Jet Engines to Make a Cruise Missile

The politically isolated country has problems sourcing military equipment. So it came up with an innovative solution.

187th Fighter Wing participates in Operation Dacian Viper
The Air Force Is Having Trouble with Its 'Base in a Box'

The concept will allow the U.S. Air Force to operate from discrete airfields, dispersing airpower to less vulnerable locations.