Naval Vessels

A Closer Look at Japan's New Futuristic Submarine

The sleek underwater warship will ensure the country is defended by the best non-nuclear submarines around.

Norway Will Scrap Sunken Frigate
It would cost more to repair the damaged ship than to purchase a rep…
Largest U.S. Destroyer Out For Trials
The Navy’s Next Warship Will Look Like the Zumwalt
Large Surface Combatant will retain the Zumwalt class of destroyers’…
France Unveils Next-Generation Fighter Jet

FCAS will replace the Rafale as Europe’s frontline fighter.

Two Oil Tankers Attacked in the Middle East
The perpetrators of the attack, which allegedly included at least on…
Captured U-Boat
The One Time a German U-Boat Wound Up in New York City’s Central Park

The mighty UC-5 went from terror of the deep to an amusement for park goers.

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Watch the Future Carrier USS Kennedy Get Its Island

The island functions as a command and control location, overseeing air operations on a vast flight deck.

The aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) conducts flight operations
Trump Tells U.S. Navy to Go Back to Steam Catapults

"We don't need that extra speed," the President said of the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System.

This Frigate's Combat Information Center Is Straight Out of 'Star Trek'

The Advanced Integrated CIC will change the way warships fight.

The U.S. Officially Begins Building Its New Missile Submarine

The Columbia-class submarines will serve more than 40 years and carry hundreds of nuclear warheads to sea at a time.

Ural icebreaker launched in St Petersburg
Meet 'Ural,' Russia's New Nuclear-Powered Icebreaking Behemoth

The Ural will be able to smash through ice ten feet thick.

China Now Has More Warships Than the U.S.

But sometimes quantity doesn't trump quality.

After Only 3 Years in Service, the USS Zumwalt’s Mission Is Changing

Once slated to bombard targets on land, the three destroyers of the Zumwalt-class are changing course.

The Legendary Saga of the Navy Sky Dong Concludes

In November 2017, a phallic formation appeared in the sky. Now, a military report finally reveals how it got there.

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This Robotic Ship Could Become a Marine's Lifeline

The Sea Hunter is a fully robotic ship, which makes it perfect for high-risk missions at sea.

US Aircraft Carrier Docked at Portsmouth, England
Why the Navy Won’t Retire the USS Truman Early

The navy wants to cut costs by dropping an aircraft carrier. VP Mike Pence has other ideas.

Belgorod nuclear submarine launched in Severodvinsk
Russia Launches Belgorod, the World’s Longest Submarine

The Belgorod will carry out underwater spy missions and launch Poseidon nuclear torpedoes.

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Could China Find Japan's Lost F-35 and Steal Its Secrets? The U.S. Says No.

The American and Japanese governments are marshaling forces to recover the missing stealth jet.

This Flying Chinese Aircraft Carrier Certainly Looks Dangerous

Don’t get too excited. It’s actually just a kite.

Stricken Destroyer USS Fitzgerald Leaves Drydock

The guided missile destroyer was involved in a 2017 collision that killed ten sailors and badly damaged the ship.