Naval Vessels

Stricken Destroyer USS Fitzgerald Leaves Drydock

The guided missile destroyer was involved in a 2017 collision that killed ten sailors and badly damaged the ship.

Norway’s Ruined Frigate Is Afloat Again
Helge Ingstad is floating on its own but officials are doubtful it c…
Hydrofoil Ferrying Passengers Between Islands
The U.S. Navy Has a Secret Hydrofoil Project

The ship was accidentally revealed on YouTube, naturally.

Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov
Russia’s Only Aircraft Carrier Could Be Scrapped
The problem-plagued Admiral Kuznetsov needs a new drydock after the …
USS Gerald R. Ford Begins Builder's Sea Trials
The Navy’s Newest Carrier Is Delayed, Yet Again
The USS Ford is already two years behind schedule and billions over …
Anchorage 2018 Deployment
The U.S. Navy Wants a New 'Ambulance Ship' to Treat War Wounded

The ship, the first of its kind, would treat war wounded that didn’t need to be evacuated out of theater.

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The U.S. Navy Is Building a “Ghost Fleet” of Drone Warships

The naval service, having kickstarted flying carrier drones, is now turning its attention to ship drones.

Explorers Have Found the Remains of the Sunken World War II Aircraft Carrier USS Wasp

The crew of the R/V Petrel does it again, locating a third sunken capital ship in just two months.

Watch Salvagers Raise a Ruined Frigate From Under the Sea

The Helge Ingstad collided with a commercial ship last year and sank.

Iran's Torpedo/Missile Combination That's Fired From a Sub Appears to Be Real

The system uses a torpedo to launch an anti-ship missile.

USS TICONDEROGA transits the Suez Canal
The U.S. Navy Won’t Bring Back Mothballed Ships to Boost the Fleet

Zombie ships brought back from the dead will not join the United States Navy.

The Navy Is Buying Boeing's Drone Submarine Called 'Orca'
The Orca unmanned autonomous submersible will be capable of crossing entire oceans and fulfilling a variety of missions, from hunting m…
The Lost Shipwreck of WWII Aircraft Carrier USS Hornet Has Been Found

The carrier launched the famous bomber raid on Tokyo.

In the Last, Desperate Days of World War II, Japan Built Kamikaze Mini-Subs

The Kairyu-class submarines were designed to protect the Japanese homeland from invasion. They were never used.

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That Time the U.S. Navy Sank a Fake, Yellow, North Korean Submarine

What appears to be an authentic North Korean midget submarine was actually a training target.

The Russian Navy Is Fitting Ships with Barf-Inducing Lights

The lights, considered non-lethal weapons, can induce dizziness and nausea.

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USS Gerald R. Ford Begins Builder's Sea Trials
The U.S. Navy Is Buying Two Carriers at Once for a Big Discount

The Navy is set to save four billion dollars on the twofer, but that second ship still needs a name.

A British Nuclear Submarine Nearly Collided with a Car Ferry

The submarine involved could have been carrying nuclear weapons.

What We Know About the U.S. Navy's Drone Fleet of the Future

The unmanned surface vessels will act as floating sensors and at least some will carry missiles.