The U.K.’s Drone Swarm Timetable is Unrealistic

The concept is sound, but having them ready by 2020 is unrealistic.

I Hung Around the Air Force Human Performance Lab
Military elite treat their bodies like high-performance race cars. W…
Russian Navy delivers air strikes from Mediterranean Sea against ISIS targets in Syria
Russia Conducts New Test of Nuke-Powered Missile
A missile running on nuclear energy could run for days, flying aroun…
DARPA Wants an Autonomous Seafloor Drone
The Pentagon’s wizards of high tech are looking for a self-guiding s…
China’s Railgun Has Reportedly Gone to Sea
China has beat America in placing railguns on ships, but how far ahe…
Russia’s New Hypersonic Missile Travels Nearly Two Miles a Second

“Zircon” would likely be unstoppable by today’s cutting edge air defenses.

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A US marine carry M-4 rifle on a LAV-25
The Overloaded Soldier: Why U.S. Infantry Now Carry More Weight Than Ever

Technology was supposed to be the solution. Instead, it added to the problem.

Dr. Robert Lanza
The Military Wants to Create Synthetic Life Forms to Track Enemies

On battlefields of the future, the environment itself could spy on America’s enemies.

The Air Force Will Test Laser Weapons by 2021

Airplanes armed with laser weapons will finally be a reality.

Space Junk Could Provide a Perfect Hiding Spot for Tiny Spy Satellites

Han Solo hid the Millennium Falcon in a cloud of trash, and the same method could hide satellites in low-Earth orbit.

Rough seas
A New Electronic Device Could Cure the Military's Big Motion Sickness Problem

Motion sickness affects all branches of the armed forces, from vehicle crews to submariners.

The Secret History of Plasma Weapons

After decades of promise and failure, a new plasma weapon emerges.

Patriot Radar integrates into Max Thunder '16
Oops! Civilian Satellite Data Inadvertently Pinpoints Military Radars

X literally marks the spot for U.S.-made Patriot missile batteries.

5 Cool Things at Green Flag (That Aren't Airplanes)

Sure, C-130s are cool, but this is the cutting-edge tech that makes "contingency operation" missions possible.

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Army 2018 International Military and Technical Forum, Day 4
Short-Term Superhuman: If We Create Augmented Soldiers, Can We Turn Them Back?

How the need to reverse the effects on augmented soldiers might drive the future of military tech.

Salon Eurosatory 2018
Why the U.S. Is Backing Killer Robots

AI weapons could soon execute military strikes on their own. Some think that's a bad idea.

The Marines 3D Printed a Concrete Barracks

Letting robots do construction jobs on the battlefield frees Marines to fight.

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The 'Raider' Is an Offroad Scooter for Soldiers

The EZRaider looks like a cross between a jetski and a giant skateboard.

Russia to Demonstrate Active Camouflage for Soldiers, Tanks

The camouflage will turn Russian soldiers, armored vehicles into chameleons.

The U.S. Navy Is Creating a Military Slime

Inspired by the hagfish, the synthetic slime can stop enemy boats in the water and become a powerful weapon.