Those Weren't UFOs—They Were DARPA Balloons

Sadly, those strange orbs floating above Kansas City weren't from outer space.

The Marines Are Testing a Drone-Killing Laser
This Boeing-built laser would protect Marines and other friendly for…
This Humvee Is a Sideways-Driving Freak Machine
Volvo made a Humvee vehicle with some head-scratching engineering ba…
Supposed Westall UFO encounter.
Why Are Senators Suddenly Being Briefed on UFOs?
Government officials are “coming out of the woodwork” to learn more …
Hypersonic Missile Would Travel Faster Than Mach 5

It's designed to minimize the reaction time of enemy air defenses.

C-17 performs semi prepared runway operations flight
The U.S. Air Force Plans to 'Grow' Runways with Bacteria

Project Medusa plans to use biomanufacturing to grow military-grade runways using nothing more than dirt and microorganisms.

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Russia’s First Autonomous Strike Drone Will Fly This Summer

The stealthy, pilotless drone will fly dangerous missions against heavily defended targets.

USS Blue Ridge operations
DARPA Wants Soldiers To Control Machines With Their Minds

Future machines, including weapons, won’t need handheld controls.

U.S. Fighter Jets Could Soon Be Armed With Lasers

SHiELD will protect warplanes from incoming air-to-air missiles.

Chinese Hypersonic Vehicle Could Be Model for a Future Weapon System

The hypersonic vehicle appears similar to an American hypersonic weapon development project, HAWC.

I Was a Green Beret. Then I Tried to Reinvent the Tourniquet.

The story of U.S. Patent Number 9,168,044.

Disrupting the Pentagon: Can the Air Force Learn To Think Like a Startup?

At open offices across the country, the USAF is embracing its newfound love of disruption and innovation.

3ABCT equipment going green for Atlantic Resolve
How the Army Plans to Hide the Heat Signatures of Soldiers and Tanks

New equipment will prevent soldiers from being spotted at night.

Journal Claims Russian Troops Have Psychic Powers
Did Russian soldiers, working with telepathic dolphins, learned how to interrogate captured enemies and see through space and time? Pro…
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This Crazy Ad for an Israeli Future Tank Is Something Else

This is the most convincing video yet on how buzzword technologies could actually become useful for 21st century armor troopers.

DARPA Wants to Turn Sea Life Into a Giant Submarine Detection Network

Entire species would be turned into living sensors designed to detect underwater vehicles.

Doomsday Clock Scientists Say the Army’s Portable Nuclear Reactor Is a Disaster Waiting To Happen
The Department of Defense wants a reactor to power remote military bases, but critics claim it's unlikely any design would be safe enou…
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Britain Is Building Killer Drone Swarms, but Don't Buy Its Timetable for Flying Them

The concept is sound, but having them ready by 2020 is unrealistic.

What Happened When I Trained with Air Force Human Performance Specialists

Military elite treat their bodies like high-performance race cars. Which is great—unless you show up to meet them in a hoopty.

Russian Navy delivers air strikes from Mediterranean Sea against ISIS targets in Syria
Russia Conducts a New Test of its Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missile

A missile running on nuclear energy could run for days, flying around the globe if necessary.

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