Ram Recalls More Than One Million Trucks

According to the recall, certain RAM pickups suffer from a software glitch that disables some safety systems.

Takata's Replacement Airbags May Not Work...
The company is reportedly 'rapidly' switching to a new propellant fo…
When Your Airbag Deploys 1/100th of a Second Too...
Think a fraction of a second can't save your life? Here is the proof…
Huge Airbag-Driven Recall Includes 2 Million...
The sudden unexpected deployment problem dates back to 2012.
The GM Recall and Airbags Stats
Just because an airbag didn't deploy doesn't mean it was supposed to…
Feds: Look Out for Counterfeit Airbags
The NHTSA says that thousands of American vehicles may have had counterfeit airbags installed by third-party shops.
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GM Tests Rollover Safety in New Facility
GM officially opened its new vehicle crash facility with a bang today, demonstrating the auto manufacturer's ability to study vehicle r…
Does High-Tech Highway Design Make us Less Safe?
When it comes to planning highways and roads, greater convenience does not necessarily mean fewer accidents.
Auto Clinic Expert Q & A - Feb. 2006
I'm suspicious that the local cut-rate gas station's premium gas isn't what it's represented to be. My BMW seems to run fine on it, but…
Airbags on Planes: Will a New FAA Regulation Pave the Way for Airbag Seatbelts?
Airbags in cars are ubiquitous, but could the seatbelts used on commercial airplanes be equipped with similar inflatable protection? A …

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