This Massive Cybersecurity Bundle Covers the Industry's Most Essential Tools

Available for 95 percent off.

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Due to a dramatic increase in cyber attacks on both major corporations and government agencies, demand for talented and trained professionals who can successfully thwart and retaliate against nefarious hackers has never been higher.

With 12 hours and over 2,700 pages of course content, the will give you the skills you need to land an exciting and lucrative career in cybersecurity, and it’s on sale for just $30—a tiny fraction of what you’d spend on a traditional computer science course.

Although there are numerous ways that servers and networking infrastructures can be secured, cybersecurity experts rely on a relatively small number of tried-and-tested tools and programming languages, and this bundle introduces you to every single one.

You’ll explore the latest penetration testing techniques by working with industry-standard programs like Kali Linux 2, learn how to map and enumerate Windows networks by reverse-engineering programs, discover how any application can be made attack-proof with Python (one of the most popular programming languages on the planet), and much more.

There are also a series of modules that cover mobile network security and forensics—and increasingly important subfield of cybersecurity.

The 2018 Supercharged Cybersecurity Bundle is available for 95 percent off at .

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