Get 24 Lonely Planet Travel Guidebooks For Just $20

Save big on guides from the world's leading travel publisher.


Even the savviest and most experienced travelers are no match for established travel companies when it comes to finding the best sights, food, and secret adventures that the world has to offer. Lonely Planet is hands-down the most well-known and relied-upon travel resource in the world, and the delivers 24 of their best travel guidebooks for just $20.

Whether you’re about to embark on your next great adventure or simply want some inspiration to plan your next trip, this eBook bundle has you covered. From comprehensive lists of the world’s best spicy foods and wine to play-by-play run-throughs of some of the world’s most exciting destinations, the 24 eBooks in this bundle will ensure that your next trip is perfect.

There’s a Best in Travel selection that highlights every must-visit destination of 2018, plus an eBook that introduces you to the world’s best and most beloved street food,. You'll get a guide to Japan that features beautifully detailed images of the nation’s most incredible sights and a solo travel handbook that walks you through how to plan the perfect itinerary, and much more.

There’s even an eBook that takes you on a journey through the world’s best coffee destinations.

The Lonely Planet Travel Hacker eBook Bundle is 95 percent off at.

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