french african volcano


Scientists Find New Undersea Volcano

It's been giving a tiny African island headaches since last year. Scientists still don't know what it means.

former physical kilogram
Why the World's Measuring Systems Just Changed
"If you tell aliens that our units of measurement are based on a hun…
When Did Neanderthals and Human Split?
A big study analyzes dental records and finds a surprisingly early s…
Kenya's New Museum Will Pay Homage to Ancient Man

But it needs to raise $7 million in order to break ground in 2022.

24 Amazing Animals That Are Almost Extinct

It's not too late, but the future looks bleak for these species.

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ancient chewing gum
Turns Out You Can Learn a Lot from 10,000-Year-Old Chewing Gum

Back then, gum came from trees and was used to build weapons.

Baltic Amber
A Squid-Like Mollusk Showed Up in Ancient Amber, and No One Knows How

Amber comes from the fossilization of tree resin. So what gives?

streets of pompeii
Just Like Us, Pompeii Also Struggled With Potholes

Turns out street maintenance is a challenge in any millennium.

pig heart bleeding
New Bio Glue Stops Post-Traumatic Bleeding in Its Tracks

Successfully tested on pig hearts, the "matrix gel" could end a major cause of preventable death.

Can You Solve the Cryptic Code on This Ancient Rock?

A tiny French town will pay you $2,240 if you can crack their case.

tube fish
Some Fish Can See in Color at 5,000 Feet Below Sea Level

In the dark, watery depths, these swimmers see in a way scientists previously thought was impossible.

piles of coking coal
three mile island
Three Mile Island Is Closing in September

The infamous nuclear power plant has met its ultimate foe: state government.

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Scientists Blasted a Bunch of Super Lasers to Make This Exotic Space Ice

The experiment could help us learn more about Uranus, Neptune, and other gas giant planets in our galaxy.

Iceland, known for its green energy, is working toward carbon neutrality
Iceland’s Radical Plan to Slow Climate Change

Geothermal engineers are turning CO2 into fizzy water and injecting it into rocks—and it’s working.

tiny bird dino
Whoa, Look at This Bird-Bat Dinosaur

Only one other dino ever had the same wing.

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desalination plant
We Might Finally Be Able to Safely Drink Salt Water

Scientists think they've solved the pressing problem of desalination, which could radically improve water sustainability.

dinosaur t.rex tiny
New Tiny T-Rex Cousin Discovered

His entire body was roughly the size of his full-grown family member's head.

Watch Concrete Blow Up When Heated (and See Why It Happens)

The new research could result in more fire-safe concrete.

hunter автоматический полив