blood clot
A Shocking Photo of a Man’s Blood Clot Goes Viral
A man in heart failure coughed it up fully intact, mystifying his do…
Why Are Seals Getting Eels Stuck in Their Noses?
This picture, captured this week, is only one of a handful of simila…
Sea Ice
Greenland Melting at the Fastest Rate in 350 Years
Greenland's ice is melting, and every year we don't do something abo…
Behind The Scenes At CERN The World's Largest Particle Physics Laboratory
The LHC Is Going Offline to Get More Powerful

They want the world's largest accelerator bigger than ever before.

Ancient Humans May Have Practiced Ritual Finger Amputation

There are too many ancient hand paintings with missing fingers for the whole thing to be a coincidence.

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concordia station antarctica
To Survive Antarctica, Scientists Enter a Kind of 'Psychological Hibernation'

Not everyone has what it takes to work at the end of the world.

gribble worms
The Weird-Looking Gribble Worm Could Hold Secrets for Cheaper Renewable Energy

Scientists are trying to convert wood into energy as efficiently as this little worm.

Philippines, Volcano Pinatubo erupting
Harvard Scientists Are Really Launching a Sun-Blocking Geoengineering Experiment

A proposal to spray particles into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight and lower temperatures is actually getting the green light.

Nearly Half the World's Coal Plants Are Losing Money
The analysis concludes the problem will only get worse, costing the public billions unless we replace coal with a better source of ener…
cameron underwood face transplant
he jiankui gene editing summit
The Infamous CRISPR Baby Scientist Is Missing

He Jiankui stunned the world with his announcement. Now, nobody knows where he is.

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Port Jackson Sharks, New South Wales, Australia.
Climate Changes Is Rewiring Sharks' Brains

Research out of Australia suggests that a warmer climate could make sharks "right-handed."

A Brazilian Wasp Exhibits Mind Control Over Unsuspecting Spiders

It’s the Mary Poppins of the Arachnid world, crossed with a Dawn of the Dead ending.

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Our New Atomic Clock Is So Precise That We Need a Better Understanding of Gravity To Use It

Our measurements of gravity are not good enough for NIST's new atomic clock.

Monster Earthquake Rocks Anchorage, Alaska

A 7.0 quake that initially merited a now-rescinded tsunami watch.

french cave painting
Cave Paintings Reveal How Ancient Humans Understood the Stars

Ancient humans appear to have understood far more than typically given credit for.


hunter автоматический полив