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An aerial view of the Oyster Creek Gener


America's Oldest Nuclear Plant Is Shutting Down

This closure is just one more indicator of the United States' suffering nuclear industry.

Octopuses Were Given MDMA. For Science.

Researchers let these solitary creatures try MDMA. For science.

Maersk stock
A Container Ship Is Sailing Through the Arctic
The container ship Venta Maersk has almost completed the first cross…
Could You Design a Box That Traps Light?

The answer could revolutionize computing.

Scientists Found What Makes Batteries Degrade
It could pave the way for a better electric car or home solar power …
Carolinas' Coast Line Recovers From Hurricane Florence, As Storm Continues To Pour Heavy Rain On The States
Massive Flooding Continues as Florence Lingers, Leaving 32 Dead

It will take months for the region to recover from the weekend's damage.

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Hurricane Florence Slams Into Coast Of Carolinas
25 Dramatic Photos That Show the Impact of Hurricane Florence

At least 17 deaths were blamed on Hurricane Florence.

america obesity rates
Does Your State Have the Highest Obesity Rate in the Country?

Obesity rates top 35% in 7 states, according to a new report.

Maurice Desjardins Face Transplant
Oil Tanker
Offshore Mega-Terminals Are Coming Because Oil Supertankers Are Too Big for Our Ports

Massive tankers and excess oil mean a new infrastructure, but not everyone is excited about the ambitious plans.

Silhouette Wind Turbines On Field Against Sky During Sunset
U.S. Wind Turbines Are Getting Less Powerful—and That's a Good Thing

How a lower maximum energy capacity helps turbines perform better.

mbira instrument medical sensor
This Simple Musical Instrument Can Detect Poison

It can help fight against the scourge of counterfeit medicine.

Hurricane Florence storm surge
Dramatic Videos Show Hurricane Florence Starting to Hit North Carolina

Officials expect “life-threatening” storm surge and rainfall.

Sleep Myths Debunked
The Truth Behind 7 Common Sleep Myths

Do you *really* need those 8 hours?

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Oil Beetle larva on Fig buttercup - Vosges du Nord France,Pending the passage of a bee to parasitize
How Horror Beetles Hitchhike on Bees And Then Eat Their Young

Blister beetles have developed complex methods to trick bees into giving them a ride.

This image provided by NASA shows Hurricane Florence from the International Space Station.
Hurricane Florence Looks Super-Scary When Seen From Space

Here’s the view from the International Space Station.

A 70-Year-Old Glacial Study Almost Died When the World Needed It Most
The Juneau Icefield Research Program helped create an entire generation of scientists, but the larger-than-life scientist who founded i…
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Florida Prepares As Hurricane Matthew Barrels Towards Atlantic Coast
How to Protect Your Pet During a Hurricane

There’s still time to prep a safety kit.

Dr. Death Botched Dozens of Surgeries. One Victim Shares His Story.

Philip Mayfield went to Texas surgeon Dr. Christopher Duntsch for spinal surgery. He woke up paralyzed.

CT scan of the Atacama snailfish
Scientists Discover Trippy New Translucent Fish at the Bottom of the Ocean

These fish don't even have names yet. Just colors: pink, blue and purple.