The Return to Amsterdam of the Second Expedition to the East Indies.


A 16th Century Shipwreck Was Discovered by Mistake

A team of scavengers discovered one of the oldest known shipwrecks, filled with tons of copper, entirely coincidentally.

New Exhibition At NYC's Museum Of Natural History Celebrates Tyrannosaurus Rex
Someone Is Selling a Baby T. Rex Skeleton on eBay

And paleontologists aren't happy about it.

climate change hurricane florence
Climate Change is Costing the Insurance Industry

And that's only expected to rise, says a major reinsurance company.

cripsr work
U.S Cancer Patients Are Undergoing CRISPR Tests
The high-profile experimental technique got a bad rap in 2018. Scien…
old bones thames oxfordshire
Water Pipeline Workers Stumble Across Dozens of Iron Age Skeletons
Dating back over 2,000 years, the remains, some possibly victims of human sacrifice, could offer a vital look into the country's ancien…
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Climate Change Could Unleash Long-Frozen Radiation

Atomic bombs, Chernobyl,Fukushima—radiation has traveled and frozen all over the world. Global warming is changing that.

alligator getting devoured by giant isopods
This Video of Giant Isopods Eating Alligators Is What Life May Have Looked Like Millions of Years Ag

They've been around for 200 million years and they've developed a taste for gator.

Scientists Might Have Discovered a New Human Ancestor With DNA Analysis

Scientists hope to use their findings to benefit underserved populations in the geographic region of southeast Asia.

The early Ice Age
It Turns Out Neanderthals and Woolly Mammoths Shared Genetic Traits for Staying Warm

New research finds that the two ice-age mammals shared more than just an environment.

NASA Created These Otherworldly Artificial Auroras in the Skies Above Norway

NASA's artificial aurora was designed to tell the agency more about real ones.

Here's Why Your Clone Wouldn't Necessarily Share Your Sense of Humor

Nobody's perfect. Not even someone who's genetically you.

24 Amazing Animals That Are Almost Extinct

It's not too late, but the future looks bleak for these species.

Iceberg Twice the Size of Manhattan Soon to Break Free of Antarctic Shelf

When two cracks finally meet, the results won't be pretty.

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Crocodile's Ancient Ancestor Looks More Like a Dolphin Than a Croc

Jurassic fossil provides new insights about how ancient crocodiles evolved

land whale pacific ocean
Ancient Pacific Whales Lived On Land Like Rhinos

They also used their tails in the water like beavers.

great barrier reef
Climate Change Has Fundamentally Weakened The Great Barrier Reef

Climbing temperatures have made it harder for the world wonder to recover from mass bleachings, a new study shows.

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Bald Eagles Are Stealing Trash from a Seattle Landfill and Dropping it in the Suburbs

Residents understandably want a solution. The only good one might be for them to learn how to better manage their trash.

graphic comet destruction of earth
The Annihilation Event That Killed The Dinosaurs Left This Diverse Graveyard Trapped in Time

It's the first known graveyard associated with the apocaylptic event, called the K-T boundary.

Katherine Johnson At Work
32 Women Who’ve Changed Life As We Know It

To celebrate 32 years of Women's History Month.

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