The Dracula Ant Is the Fastest Animal in the World

The ant's jaws can snap shut at an incredible 200 miles per hour.

Climate Change Turning Pufferfish into Mutants

Warmer waters mean an unusual mating season.

Why Are Seals Getting Eels Stuck in Their Noses?
This picture, captured this week, is only one of a handful of simila…
experiment mouse
Mice Delayed Today's SpaceX Launch

Little creatures can cause big problems.

Port Jackson Sharks, New South Wales, Australia.
Warmer Waters Might Shrink Sharks' Brains
Research out of Australia suggests that a warmer climate could make …
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A Brazilian Wasp Exhibits Mind Control Over Unsuspecting Spiders

It’s the Mary Poppins of the Arachnid world, crossed with a Dawn of the Dead ending.

fruit fly vienna ultramicrscopy
These Glowing Fruit Fly Heads Can Help Us Understand the Human Brain

A new ultramicroscope will help scientists get up close with the tiny animals that are practically built for scientific research.

Rhinos poached in Eastern Cape
The Technology That Will Finally Stop Poachers

A game reserve in South Africa reduced rhino poaching by 96 percent. Now they think they can do that everywhere.

An Elephant-Size Mammal Relative Roamed Among Dinosaurs

The lumbering beast is the biggest of its kind found.

bees flying
Studying Bees Could Make Drones Turn Better

Their amazing aerial turns deserve respect, scientists say.

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Found: A Field of Termite Mounds You Can See From Space

Syntermes dirus is their name, world domination is their game.

brain readings eeg muotri
For the First Time Ever, Lab-Grown Brain Tissue Spontaneously Creates Human-Like Brain Waves

Nobody's quite sure what it means yet. But we're sure that it's important.

orangutan momma
Orangutans Are Better Than Children at Making Tools, Study Finds

Remarkably human-like, with the toolmaking abilities to show it.

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baby tapir
Over Half of Earth's Wildlife Has Vanished Since 1970, Report Finds

A stunning loss with repercussions for the entire planet. And it's not just climate change.