Green-Blooded Lizard Pigment Should Kill Them

Not only is the green blood unusual, but it's made of a destructive pigment that typically kills.

Your Bed Is Probably Dirtier Than a Chimpanzee's

It turns out, chimps sleep in much neater nests than we do.

Scientists Transferred Memories Between Sea Snails
Sea snails picked up memories of another snail, in an experiment th…
Mating Male Beetles Are Not Gay, Just Inept
Researchers have discovered that male beetles mate with either gende…
A Harvard Startup is Trying to Reverse Aging
Founded by a legendary scientist, the startup is experimenting with …
Scientists Trained a Spider to Jump on Command

Researchers hope to learn more about how these animals jump several times their body length.

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Researchers Find Origin of Mysterious Amphibian Pandemic

A deadly fungus has ravaged hundreds of amphibian species for decades, and now scientists finally know where it comes from.

mouse brain activity
A Tiny Microscope Can Now Record a Mouse's Brain in Real Time

If it can be applied to humans, it could help scientists understand abnormal brain conditions like autism and schizophrenia.

This Artificial Embryo Actually Started Pregnancy In Mice

Researchers created an artificial embryo that could change the future of pregnancies.

clownfish great barrier reef
The Great Barrier Reef Has Gone Silent. Here's Why That's So Dangerous.

Sound is as important as color to reefs, but the symphony has quieted.

Spurred trapdoor spider ready to strike 
World's Oldest Spider Dies After Wasp Attack

Scientists are "miserable" over the demise of the 43-year-old arachnid.

Horses Can Read and Remember People's Emotions

Scientists discovered that the animals can not only recognize humans, but remember their expressions.

Math Explains Why Robots Can't Compete With Ants

It's a matter of finely tuned body parts.

Museum Suddenly Realizes Its Fake Egg From an Extinct Bird Is Very Real
A Buffalo museum has made a rare discovery within its own collection: a fully intact egg from the extinct elephant bird that until now,…
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australia coral reef great barrier reef
Could CRISPR Be the Key to Saving Coral?

A successful first test on one of the ocean's threatened animals.

Scientists Discovered These Beautiful, Doomed, Purple Octopuses

These octopuses mamas are awaiting bleak fates.

Scientists Implanted Tiny Human Brains Into Mice

The mice helped the tiny organoids get nutrients, oxygen, and even start developing human neurons.

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Scientists Discover New Species of 'Exploding Ant'

The newly-discovered species can rupture its abdomen and spray toxic fluid over unsuspecting attackers.

rats new york subway
Dry Ice Is the Newest Weapon Against Rats

New York City, Boston and others are eager for a new weapon in the ancient war.

Why Are Huge Groups of Basking Sharks Gathering Together?

These usually solitary creatures are gathering in huge groups, puzzling scientists.

People Are Using CPR to Bring Squirrels Back to Life

How much should we intervene when it comes to saving wildlife?

This Fish Has a Switchblade on Its Face

When danger approaches, it whips out its blade as a weapon.

Cows and cattle
Here Comes the Connected Cow

IDA uses a motion-sensing device attached to a cow's neck to transmit its movements to a program driven by AI.

Fossil ichthyosaur
Newfound Marine Fossil May Be From the Largest Creature That Ever Lived

The current find is the size of a blue whale, and scientists are hoping for more.

disabled squirrel bionic
Squirrel With Injured Legs Gets Ingenious Prosthetic With Wheels

Alf is the little squirrel who can wheel himself around now.

Snow Monkeys Love Hot Baths the Same Reasons Humans Do

A long soak in the hot springs is rela for snow monkeys.

black chicken ayam cemani
None More Black Than This Chicken

The Ayam Cemani is a black-on-black limited edition.

10 Perfectly Wonderful Penguin Facts

It's time to learn some fantastic facts about formidable flightless birds.

four eyed lizard
An Ancient Lizard Had Four Eyes But We Don't Know Why

And no, it wasn't just wearing dorky glasses.