Why Do Crows Have Sex with the Dead?

A researcher investigates the strange phenomenon of crow necrophilia.

chinese baby snake amber
Oldest Ever Baby Snake Discovered in Forest Amber

The new species is rewriting the history of snakes.

Newly Discovered Wasp Has a Monstrous Stinger
Scientists just discovered a parasitic wasp with a monstrous stinger…
spider jumping
Spiders Can Harness Electric Fields to Fly

It's a bit like static electricity, but way cooler.

Chernobyl is Turning Into a Wildlife Preserve for Wolves

The exclusionary zone around the nuclear disaste site is surprising fertile ground for gray wolves.

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Moths Can Use the Earth’s Magnetic Field to Navigate

These plain brown moths can complete long distance migrations by moonlight, using the magnetic field like a compass.

Unseen Oceans: How the American Museum of Natural History Builds a New Exhibit

How the scientists, craftspeople, and digital engineers create an exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History.

dinosaur model
Dinosaurs Could Barely Use Their Tongues

They were more like alligators than birds in this case.

The Real Science of Bringing Back the Dinosaurs
Jack Horner, a paleontologist who inspired a character in the original Jurassic Park, says science is ready to resurrect the dinosaurs.…
r/v sally ride
NASA Is Stepping Into the Twilight Zone
Two research ships are going to the Pacific Ocean to figure out how tiny organisms play a big role in regulating the world' temperature…
Jumping spider (family Salticidae), Indonesia
Amazing Footage Reveals How Spiders Fly

Researchers captured the flying behavior of spiders, known as 'ballooning,' on camera.

This 100-Million-Year-Old Frog Trapped in Amber Shows How Little Frogs Have Changed

This find could teach scientists about what tropical rainforests looked like millions of years ago.

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coral with fish
Coral Might Be Adjusting Its DNA to Survive Warming Oceans

Methylation changes how DNA is read. Coral might be doing it on its own.

These Brain Worms Turn Ants Into Death-Seeking Zombies

Look inside the head of a doomed ant overtaken by a mind-controlling parasite.

Scientists Made a Taxidermy Bird Robot for Research

The bird-on-wheels is designed to study grouse mating habits using economic theory.

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Buzzy for Nothing: Bees Understand What Zero Is

Although zero as a mathematical value is common knowledge today, it took even human civilizations a while to figure it out.

edicaran fossil
Clever New Invention Can Bring Bizarre-Looking Fish Up From the Deep Ocean
A new pressurized container will allow scientists to collect fish from the poorly-understood mesophotic zone and bring them into labs a…
Meet the 240-Million-Year-Old "Mother of All Lizards"

Scientists discovered a fossil of the oldest ancestor of reptiles, she's 240 million years old.

20 Amazing Animals That Are Almost Extinct

It's not too late, but the future looks bleak for these species.

Stick Insects May Have Evolved to Be Eaten

Getting eaten by birds may help to spread their eggs to new locations.

A New Hunt for the DNA of the Loch Ness Monster

Even if scientists never find Nessie, the hunt could tell scientists a lot about what does live in Loch Ness.

pierre gros french flatworm
Scientists Discover Giant Worms Invaded France Almost 20 Years Ago

Claims that giant worms were destroying gardens have finally been verified.

Green-Blooded Lizards Live With a Pigment That Should Kill Them

Not only is the green blood unusual, but it's made of a destructive pigment that typically kills.

Science Says Your Bed Is Dirtier Than a Chimpanzee's

It turns out, chimps sleep in much neater nests than we do.

Scientists Just Transferred Memories From One Creature to Another

Sea snails picked up memories of another snail, in an experiment that hasn't been replicated since the 1960s.

These Mating Male Beetles Are Not Gay, Just Incompetent

Researchers have discovered that male beetles mate with either gender when the stakes are low, and mating mistakes don't matter

This Secretive Harvard Startup is Trying to Reverse Aging

Founded by a legendary scientist, the startup is experimenting with reversing aging in dogs (and maybe someday, in humans).