Puna Geothermal Venture, a geothermal power plant


Photos of Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Eruption

The Puna Geothermal Venture plant provides a quarter of the Big Island's power.

NASA bridenstine
NASA's Jim Bridenstine Says Climate Change Is Real
The new administrator of NASA recently fielded questions from scient…
Is Someone Producing Ozone-Killing Chemicals?
Scientists found evidence to suggest someone is pumping ozone-deplet…
Hawaii Volcano Eruption
History of Hawaii's Constantly Erupting Volcano

The last week is just a short part of Kilauea’s destruction.

How the History of the Roman Empire Is Hidden in Arctic Ice

Lead levels in the Arctic ice tells us how well the Roman Empire was doing on a year-by-year basis.

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Volcanic Smog and Acid Rain from Hawaii Volcano
Hawaii Volcano Could Cause Acid Rain, Volcanic Smog, and "Ballistic Projectiles"

The volcano continues to vent sulfur dioxide gas, creating "vog," and it doesn't sound like the eruption will end anytime soon.

Volcano Erupts In Hawaii, Forcing Evacuations

Hawaii's Kilauea volcano erupted in a residential neighborhood, requiring nearly a thousand people to evacuate.

The Longest Route You Can Sail in a Straight Line Without Hitting Land

One person discovered the route in 2012, but it took until now to prove it.

British and American Expedition Will Study the World's Most At-Risk Glacier

If the Thwaites glacier collapses, it could set off a chain reaction leading to sixteen feet of sea level rise.

Military Study Finds 1,000 Islands Will Be Uninhabitable By Mid-Century

Even a few inches of sea level rise is enough to ensure hundreds of thousands of people won't have access to clean drinking water.

The Arctic Is Sprouting Mysterious Ice Holes, and No One Knows Why

The mysterious holes were spotted from an airplane over Greenland, but NASA scientists aren't sure what caused them.

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polar arctic research ship germany
Researchers Discover Record Levels of Arctic Microplastic

Polar waters are filled with particles less than an inch big.

This Moss Naturally Clears Arsenic From Water

Researchers introduced a poison-fighting moss to toxic Swedish wetlands.

Back When We Thought Hemp Would Be a Billion-Dollar Crop

A 1938 issue of Seniorhelpline lays out an alternate future.

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Volcano in Japan Erupts for First Time in 250 Years

Another volcano nearby also erupted violently in March for the first time in seven years.

sulfuric volcano indonesia
Sulfuric Volcanoes May Have Quickened Life on Earth

A closer look at a crucial ingredient in life as we know it.

ancient viking ship
Vikings Could Have Used Crystals For Navigation

Was Icelandic spar the mythical Viking "sunstone"? In a new study, i has passed 36,000 simulations with flying colors.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Is Mostly Made of Fishing Gear

Fishing nets alone make up 46 percent of the 79,000 tons of garbage.

Hurricane Harvey's Toxic Impact Deeper Than Public Told

"The public will probably never know the extent of what happened to the environment after Harvey."

What Is Going on With the Northeast's Weather?

This week will see the fourth nor'easter of the month. What the heck is going on?

Geoengineered Glaciers Could Help Slow Rising Seas

Massive underwater projects could help keep sea levels in check.

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