Scientists Choose a Date for Their March on Washington

The March for Science is coming this spring.


What has become known as the March for Science officially has a date. It'll happen on Earth Day: April 22, 2017.

The March for Science will take place on April 22, 2017. We hope to see you in D.C. and around the world!

— March for Science (@MarchForScience)

The scientific community has expressed indignation at a number of policies set forth by the new Trump administration. The president's decision to defund NASA's Earth Science divisions—and more recently to censor environmental agencies such as the EPA, the National Parks Service, and the Department of Agriculture over climate change data—has spurred scientists around the world to speak out against the administration.

The and the have also opposing Trump's executive order that limits immigration into the country, specifically from predominantly Muslim nations. An signed by over 150 science agencies and societies argues that this limitation of free travel is broadly harmful to the scientific community, and the United States suffers directly from such a policy.

The Executive Order will discourage many of the best and brightest international students, scholars, engineers and scientists from studying and working, attending academic and scientific conferences, or seeking to build new businesses in the United States.

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