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U.S Cancer Patients Are Undergoing CRISPR Tests

The high-profile experimental technique got a bad rap in 2018. Scientists are trying for a second introduction in 2019.

dlr sleep study cologne germany
NASA Paying $19,000 for Two Months of Lying Down
All that lying down on the job will help increase our understanding …
Artificial pacemaker
The Network That Never Leaves Your Body

To keep pacemakers and insulin pumps secure.

The Sense Of Sight
A Vision Quest
Technology is alleviating many of the hardships associated with blin…
Vector of a human brain made of marijuana leaves
A Neuroscientist Explains What Weed Dependence Feels Like
"After I got sober, it took me a little over a year to go a single day without wishing for a drink, but it was more than nine years bef…
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Polygraph readout of a patient participating in a sleep study.
Scientists Translate Brain Waves Into Speech

This is a promising first step toward giving people who lack it the power of speech again.

knee surgery
Bionic Knee Replacements Are Powered By Your Walk

The rate of knee replacement surgeries is skyrocketing, and these smart knees could help.

Polar bear on pack ice
Antibiotic-Resistant 'Superbugs' Have Made It All the Way Up into the Remote Arctic Wilderness
The bacteria were first found in India a decade ago, and took only a few years to travel 8,000 miles to one of the most remote parts of…
he jiankui editing
Chinese Government Officially Charges CRISPR Baby Scientist

He Jiankui shocked the world with his unethical experiments. He won't be executed, it seems, but things are not looking great.

blood donation
What Different Blood Types Mean (And How To Find Out Yours)

We used to put milk in our blood. We've come a long way.

The Complete History of the Autopsy

From Caesar to Michael Jackson, Paul Revere to Napoleon: A look at how, after someone dies, we figure out why.

Secretary in Vintage Office holding a Clock
Why You Should Have Heart Surgery in the Afternoon

And other shocking new discoveries about how your body’s internal clock can help you live longer.

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marijuana plant
The THC in Marijuana Could Harm Men's Sperm, New Study Says

"As a precaution, stop using cannabis for at least six months before trying to conceive."

Skydiving International Invitational Tournament In Guizhou, China
Study Shows Parachutes Are Totally Worthless

It's even true! In a certain context.

7 of the Strangest CBD Products

There's no shortage of weird applications for the cannabinoid of the moment.

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blood clot
People Are Losing Their Minds Over This Horrifying Photo of a Giant Blood Clot

A man in heart failure coughed it up fully intact, mystifying his doctors.

concordia station antarctica
To Survive Antarctica, Scientists Enter a Kind of 'Psychological Hibernation'

Not everyone has what it takes to work at the end of the world.

Second International Summit On Human Genome Editing - Day 2

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