black hole accretion disk

Deep Space

See the Mysterious Disks That Circle Black Holes

Another dazzling advancement in deep space photography.

warwick forbidden planet
Scientists Find a Planet That Shouldn't Exist
How can a gaseous planet exist amidst intense radiation? Scientists …
Bullet cluster galaxies
What Is Dark Matter?
The most mysterious stuff in the universe could hold the very key to…
meteorite costa rica
Rare Mud Meteorite Crashes Into Costa Rica

It could provide huge clues about the origins of our solar system.

NASA yeast cells
NASA Is Launching Yeast Into Deep Space
Some people use it to make bread. These scientists are using it to s…
black hole pic
Now That We've Seen a Black Hole, Here's What Future Photos Could Look Like

The first image was stunning. The next pictures could look five times better.

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Kepler 1625b Exomoon, illustration
Maybe the First Discovered Exomoon Doesn't Exist After All

A new analysis casts doubt on the discovery of the first moon orbiting a planet in a different solar system.

nasa red dwarf
Why Aren't There More Habitable Planets? Blame Red Dwarfs

Even if a planet is in the habitable zone, a young star can wreak havoc on its atmosphere.

helium hydride
NASA Found the Oldest Molecules in the Universe

Helium hydride has been hiding for 13 billion years. Scientists finally found it.

Earth Was Hit by an Interstellar Asteroid Years Ago, Scientists Claim

Researchers calculate that an asateroid from beyond our solar system burned up in the atmosphere in 2014.

NASA's Newest Planet-Hunting Telescope Has Already Found an Earth-like World

NASA's TESS telescope was only launched a year ago, and is designed to find small Earth-sized exoplanets that may support life.

its the black hole
5 Burning Questions About the First Black Hole Picture, Answered

A picture that's worth a thousands "whoas."

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We've Seen a Black Hole Directly for the First Time

A supermassive black hole has been revealed.

Curiosity Watched Two Eclipses on Mars. Here's What It Saw.

The rover just watched Phobos and Deimos, the two moons of Mars, pass in front of the sun.

Scientists Say They've Ruled Out Stephen Hawking's Theory About Dark Matter

A group of scientists have disproved Stephen Hawking's proposed explanation for mysterious dark matter.

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Supermassive black holes
We Might Be About to See the First Ever Photo of a Black Hole

An announcement next week by an international collaboration might contain the first-ever photo of a black hole's event horizon.

New Method For Studying Exoplanets Could Tell Us Far More About Alien Worlds
A technique called optical interferometry is being applied to astronomy for the first time, giving scientists a new window to the unive…

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