15 Pieces of NASA Gear Every Space Lover Should Own

The finest NASA apparel fit for every wannabe astronaut.


We all love NASA. Who doesn't want to see humans bouncing around on Mars in our lifetime? But some people really like NASA, and for those people we've rounded up the very best NASA gear for any space fanboy.

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American Eagle
Tailgate NASA T-Shirt
American Eagle $32.00

Using the modern NASA meatball logo, this shirt separates itself from the pack by going with an eye-grabbing pink wash. With a large logo emblazoned on the back as well, this is a shirt for fans with some style. 

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Red Canoe
NASA Backpack
Red Canoe $74.98

Some people where they're love of space on their sleeve—and some prefer their back. Made from nylon and NASA patches, this bag also houses a side pocket that can hold a water bottle or umbrella.

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Urban Ourfitters
NASA Hoodie Sweatshirt
Urban Outfitters $59.00

Urban Outfitters has , but our favorite is this hoodie. Sporting NASA's classic worm logo, along with some patriotic branding along the sleeve, this hoodie is 100 percent cotton and 100 percent space-ready. If the hoodie isn't quite right, you can also get the same design . 

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Chuck Taylor All Star + NASA Patch
Converse $42.52

This is more DIY than other items on this list. But if you're lusting after some NASA kicks, then pick up some old school white All Stars, , and a needle and thread. 

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Apollo 11 Mission Patch
Homage $32.00

Speaking of NASA patches, Homage has this great t-shirt based on an Apollo 11 patch and it just screams america. A Space Eagle in space? Yes, please. 

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NASA 60th Anniversary Socks
NASA $16.95

NASA's been probing the galaxy for 60 years, so in celebration is selling lots of gear celebrating the anniversary, including these snazzy socks. 

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Alpha Industries
M-65 Heritage NASA Jacket
Alpha Industries $225.00

This 100 percent cotton jacket is based on the M-65 field coat issued to U.S. Armed Services in 1965. The included shuttle launch and NASA patch gives extra oomph to a jacket that grew up in during the space age. 

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Heron Preston
NASA Tech-Fabric Hooded Parka
Heron Preston $1,900.00

If money is absolutely no object, you can always opt for this parka from Heron Preston. This jacket is street wear meets space wear and it's made from 100 percent polyester. 

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Alpha Industries
NASA Flight Duffel Bag
Alpha Industries €199.90

Alpha Industry , but our favorite is this flight duffel. The outside and lining is made from 100 percent nylon, and the inside orange design gives the bag a space suit feel. If you're not in the market for a duffel, you can also choose from these NASA-themed , , or bag. 

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Urban Outfitters
NASA Slide Sandal
Urban Outfitters $35.00

Why get normal sandals when your can get NASA sandals. Be poolside and spaceside at the same time.

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Hot Topic
NASA Shuttle Launch T-Shirt
Hot Topic $16.72

One of our favorite NASA designs combine NASA's worm logo with an epic rocket launch. This is a shirt we would wear until it disintegrates. 

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Field Grade
Field Grade NASA Hat
Field Grade $26.00

There are NASA hats a plenty online, but we've have a special affinity for this worn baseball cap that gives a small homage to the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia. 

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Urban Outfitters
Apollo 11 Long Sleeve Tee
Urban Outfitters $38.00

One of the greatest achievements of the U.S. space industry immortalized in this 60s throwback design from Urban Outfitters.

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Heron Preston
NASA Embroidered Cotton Fleece Jogger Pants
Heron Preston $425.00

Lounge in expensive luxury with these NASA jogger pants (and pairs nicely with Heron Preston's Parka). You can find these pants in white, blue, red, or black. 

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Alpha Industries
NASA MA-1 Bomber Flight Jacket
Alpha Industries $135.22

Based on the MA-1 navy bomber, this jacket is made from 100 percent nylon and is reversible with a bright orange interior. It's "remove before flight" keychain can also removed from the pencil pocket on the arm. 

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