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The Moon and Mars - Latest Updates on the Moon and Mars-

Moon and Mars

Curiosity Is Suffering From a Computer Glitch

NASA scientists noticed Curiosity wasn't sending back most of its data. Fortunately, it seems to be a problem that's fixable.

5 Things We Learned From SpaceX's Moon Tourist
Yusaku Maezawa is going around the moon. But beneath the showmanship…
Building a Lunar Gateway That Everyone Can Love
People are criticizing NASA’s plan to build a new space station that…
Will NASA Cut the Cord on Opportunity Prematurely?
The lost rover may return, but it needs more time than the agency is…
View looking down on N. pole of moon ass
Scientists Find Direct Evidence of Water Ice on the Lunar Surface

The water on the surface of the moon could possibly support future lunar outposts.

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Lockheed Martin Unveils Spacecraft 'RV' for Human Trips to Mars

The spacecraft is the size of a small bus and could be a home for astronauts making the long trip to Mars.

SpaceX: The Privately Funded Aerospace Company Founded By Elon Musk
SpaceX and NASA Reach Agreement on Astronaut Safety

But there are still many tests and hurdles before SpaceX's test launch in April 2019.

We Might Be Able to Contact NASA's Opportunity Rover Soon

Opportunity has been weathering a giant dust storm since June, and soon we'll find out if it survived.

mars dried up river
Nobody Is Terraforming Mars Anytime Soon, NASA Says

There's not enough trapped carbon dioxide to thicken the planet's atmosphere much.

Team Zopherus nasa mars habitat
Here's What NASA Thinks Mars Houses Could Look Like

They've awarded cash prizes as part of an ongoing competition.

Nearly All the Dust on Mars Comes From One Rock Formation

New research helps scientists understand how Mars got so dusty.

What Would Life on Mars Be Like?

A new study just found an underground reservoir on the Red Planet, the latest good sign for the possibility of some kind of life there.

Underground Lake of Liquid Water Detected on Mars

New evidence of water on Mars could be the best indication yet that liquid flows on the Red Planet.

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Life May Have Once Existed on the Moon

3.5 billion years ago, the moon could have had liquid water, an atmosphere, and even microbial life.

See Outtake Photos From the 1969 Moon Landing

Go behind-the-scenes with the astronauts of the Apollo moon landing in these archival photos.

This Massive Dust Storm Could Engulf Mars for Months

A giant dust storm has covered Mars's entire surface and could last until September.

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Look Up! Mars Is Brighter This Month Than It Has Been in 15 Years

The Red Planet will reach peak brightness on July 27, just in time for the total lunar eclipse in some parts of the world.

Curiosity Rover Defeated by Mysteriously Hard Rock

The Mars rover finally met a rock it couldn't best.