mars insight lander camera first shot

Moon and Mars

InSight Lander Sending Back First Mars Photos

After a long journey, it's time to get to work.

How a Small CubeSat Became a Martian Hero
Mars Cube One-B had a dim future after suffering a malfunction. But …
NASA's Mars InSight Lander Nails Another Milestone

The solar panels have successfully deployed.

NASA Mission Operations Control Room of Manned Spacecraft Center
Houston, We Have a Resurrection
After years of neglect, two refurbished Mission Control consoles deb…
NASA's Insight Probe Successfully Landed on Mars

Just another historic milestone, courtesy of NASA.

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Why Mars InSight Will Be a Mission of Firsts

Reasons why you should pay attention to this mission to the Red Planet.

jezereo crater nasa
NASA Settles on a Landing Site for Its Mars 2020 Rover

The Jezero Crater offers a number of possibilities.

NASA’s Return to the Moon Could Include a Reusable Lunar Lander

A reusable lander could make the proposed lunar station a more promising idea.

Mars May Have Enough Oxygen to Sustain Subsurface Life

The ingredients for life are richer than we thought.

Lunar eclipse
Everything To Know About the January 2019 Lunar Eclipse

The shadow of the Earth will eclipse the moon and turn it blood red on January 21, 2019.

Painting a Mars Rover Is Even More Complicated Than You'd Think

It's like painting a car, if the car was going into space.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine gives lecture at Moscow State University
Russia Is Riled Up About Being Left Behind in Space
NASA's Administrator Jim Bridenstine is in Russia this week, and talks with Roscosmos head Dmitry Rogozin could determine the future of…
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Lockheed Martin Unveils Design for Lunar Lander

The lander will pair with the upcoming NASA lunar station to be built next decade.

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Is Designing a 'Large Lunar Lander'

The Amazon CEO says he wants to reach the moon by 2023.

Mars Global Simulant 
Scientists Create Martian Dirt and It's $20 Per Kilo

The Mars Global Simulant-1 will help scientists around the globe standardize their Mars studies.

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nasa curiosity rover mars
An Unexpected Component Helped Curiosity Observe a Martian Dust Storm

When a global storm overtook Mars, NASA got a view of the chaos thanks to a plucky little actuator.

nasa sls launch test
Bold But Vague: NASA Delivers the Official Road Map for its Future

NASA wants to do a lot over the next few decades. It's not quite sure how it will get there.

Japan's Team Missed the $30 Million XPRIZE—But Now They're Going to the Moon Anyway

In the wake of the Lunar XPRIZE competition, ispace has contracted with SpaceX to send two missions to the Moon.