SpaceX Failure Sends Booster Spiraling into Ocean

Fortunately, the rocket delivered its cargo first.

Space Startup To Use Mercury as a Fuel—Report
The idea was abandoned decades ago because better, safer fuels came …
spacex bfr artist rendering
Musk Renames Big Falcon Rocket 'Starship'
The eccentric SpaceX CEO made the announcement late at night, via Tw…
Columbia space shuttle on the launch pad at night
NASA Flirts With Selling Out
In a dramatic change at the agency, NASA seems willing to sell its l…
Virgin Orbit Takes Rocket to Sky For First Time

One step closer to launching a rocket from the side of an airplane.

Russia Might Actually Build a Nuclear-Powered Rocket

The project borrows from decades of research from U.S. and soviet scientists.

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rocket lab business time launch
Rocket Lab Debuts Low-Cost Rocket in First Commercial Launch

New Zealand and California-based Rocket Lab launched its first commercial rocket on Sunday.

Cape Canaveral Can Now Launch Commercial Spaceplanes
The historic “runway on the edge of tomorrow” gets FAA approval to launch spaceplanes and air-launch rockets, opening a new front in th…
spacex bfr artist rendering
SpaceX Is Fashioning a Miniature Big Falcon Rocket Out of a Falcon 9

Can't build something big without building something smaller first.

The Satellite Startup You've Never Heard of Is About to Take Off

SpaceX veteran Jim Cantrell explains how his startup, Vector, will find a place in the burgeoning American private space industry.

SpaceX's Starman Has Passed Beyond the Orbit of Mars

The lonely space traveler launched on a test rocket in February has reached the furthest point in its orbit.

airbus esm module nasa spacecraft orion
NASA Receives the Module That Will Power Its Manned Missions of Tomorrow

NASA's future manned missions depend on the European Service Module.

Why DARPA Is Betting a Million Bucks on an "Impossible" Space Drive
The agency responsible with filling the government's coffers with cutting-edge tech is funding a controversial drive that's based on un…
Watch the Moment a Damaged Sensor Caused the Soyuz Rocket to Fail

The moment everything went wrong in the near-disaster.

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SpaceX launch pad south Texas
The SpaceX Big Texas Spaceport Is Coming. But Will It Have Anything To Launch?
Elon Musk captured the world's attention by launching rockets from Cape Canaveral and California air bases. But all along, his company …
SpaceX Launches Falcon 9 Rocket
The Air Force Is Actually Considering Rocket Launches to Move Cargo Around the Globe

Delivering cargo anywhere in the world in 30 minutes? Take that, Domino's.

How American Space Launch Left Europe in the Dust

The view of the resurgent U.S. spaceflight is raising alarms across the Atlantic.

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In Defense of Elon Musk
The Tesla and SpaceX maestro is under attack for bad tweets, production woes, and strange behavior. But we need people who take risks. …
Ballistic Reentry: How Astronauts Survive a Failed Launch

Inside "ballistic mode," the scariest capsule ride down to Earth.

ULA's New Rocket Will Be Powered by Blue Origin's Engine

An engine under development by Jeff Bezos' rocket company will power the upcoming Vulcan rocket's first stage.