Solar System

Astronomers Discover Foreign Asteroid

The asteroid originated outside of our solar system, giving astronomers a chance to learn more about the reset of the galaxy.

Could Life on Earth Have Originated Elsewhere?
Octopuses are probably Earth natives, but that doesn't mean life can…
A Newly Discovered Object Hints at Planet Nine
Astronomers found a strange dwarf world that provides even more evid…
An Asteroid Will Narrowly Miss Earth Today
Asteroid 2010 WC9 will come within about half the distance from the …
NASA Spacecraft Flew In Plumes At Europa in 1997
Peculiar readings from the Galileo mission provide the strongest evi…
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Diamond-Encrusted Meteorite Could Be From a Lost Planet

Diamonds in the unique meteorite suggest it came from deep within a large protoplanet that was destroyed as the solar system formed.

To Find Life in Our Galaxy, Follow the Phosphorus
New research into the composition of supernova remnants suggests phosphorus might be isolated in parts of the galaxy—and phosphor…
New Evidence Suggests Possible Life on Venus

Dark spots in the clouds of Venus could, just maybe, be signs of life floating in the atmosphere.

How a Passing Star 70,000 Years Ago Changed the Solar System

A new study identifies comets that could have been flung from the Oort cloud by a close flyby of Scholz's star.

We Now Have a Name for New Horizons' Next Target: Ultima Thule

The spacecraft will fly by the distant world on the first day of 2019.

nasa infrared jupiter
Raging Cyclones and Jet Streams on Jupiter Perplex Scientists

The north and south poles are covered in polygon-shaped groups of anticyclones.

Watch How a Comet Forms

A detailed look at how the comet visited by the spacecraft Rosetta in 2014 came together.

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NASA Discovers an Exoplanet With a Ton of Atmospheric Water

A unique find that could have a fascinating story behind it.

Saturn's Tiny Moon Enceladus Has Big Potential for Life

New research suggests extreme microorganisms could cling on to the sea floor and create Earth-like biological environments.

Jupiter's Great Red Spot Could Die Out in a Matter of Decades

The longest-running known storm in the solar system is coming to an end.

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bigelow b330
Bigelow Launching New Company to Sell Private Space Stations

They're building the space habitats. Now they just need some buyers.

There's a Chance Musk's Tesla Could Return to Earth

The space Tesla has a small chance of colliding with Earth over the next million years.

Here are the Farthest Photos From Earth Ever Taken

The photo surpassed the "Pale Blue Dot" images of Earth taken in 1990 by NASA's Voyager 1.

We Know Exactly Where Musk’s Space Tesla Is Going

This is how astronomers—professional and amateur—know for certain where Musk's candy red Tesla is headed.

2018 cb asteroid path
An Asteroid Will Narrowly Miss Earth This Afternoon

It's not going to hit us, but it'll come within one fifth of the distance to the moon.

New Model Shows Just How Strong Solar Flares Could Get

The sun's corona is an invisible battlefield of magnetic forces.

That Remarkably Close and Speedy Asteroid Isn't Going To Hit the Earth

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but civilization will continue as planned.

Why Stars Sound Like Ringing Bells

Although we can't hear it, we can see it.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly
Hey Scott Kelly, Shall We Move to Another Planet?
We ask a NASA astronaut to review Seniorhelpline' 1952 feature about what it'd take to move people to another world. Turns out, we w…
The Search for Aliens Starts Now—in Antarctica

When you need to recreate the frozen temperatures of Jupiter's Europa, few places on Earth will do.

jupiter io
Researchers Find New Type of Volcanic Eruption on Jupiter's Moon Io

It's the first time anyone's seen a Stromboli-like eruption beyond Earth.

The Solar System Could Have Formed in a Bubble Surrounding One of the Hottest Stars

A new theory of the solar system's formation provides an alternative to the idea our system formed from a supernova.