Hurricane Harvey Strands 20,000 on Cruise Ships
With the port shut down to ship traffic, cruise-goers are forced to …
How to Make Your Own Power
Set up one of these systems, and then bellow like Zeus every time yo…
How to Build a Garden That Grows Forever

It keeps growing and growing and growing...

The Joy and Agony of Drilling Your Own Well
Forget Wi-Fi. This modern homesteader faced the greatest obstacle to…
Many survival guides talk about preparation—if you're going to live through an apocalypse, you need to have the right equipment. But maybe more critical is the mindset of the person using that equipment, the strength and skill to make the correct decision when the situation most calls for it. There are many choices that will need to be made after the virus hits or the storms begin or—God forbid—the Wi-Fi goes out. But the first decision is the one that could save your life. Do you stay where you are? Or do you run?
The Off-the-Grid Kitchen: How to Cook Like the Amish

There's no takeout in the middle of the woods.

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How to Throw a Hurricane Party

When you live in a place prone to life-threatening storms, you can leave, or you can get used to it.

Prepare for the Apocalypse With a Fully Furnished Doomsday Bunker

Do you know where you'll ride out the apocalypse? The members of Vivos do.

Eighteen Hours in a Snowed-In SUV
Stuck on the side of a highway in the middle of a New York blizzard, an army veteran has to make a decision to stay or go. And no one i…
To Save My Friend, I Abandoned Him in the Wild

One man is put to the test in the Alaska Range wilderness.

Marooned Among the Polar Bears
Last July, a Russian helicopter pilot had nearly completed a record-breaking trip around the globe when he crashed into the icy waters …

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