CeBIT 2012 Technology Trade Fair

New Technology

You Really Should Delete Your Google+ Account

You're boarding up a broken window, but your personal data is still inside that sketchy house.

Russian Robot Is Really a Man Wearing a Costume

He attempted to do 'The Robot' but is not an actual robot, sadly.

The Best Laptops for Under $500
Turns out, you can get a lot of computer nowadays for not a lot of m…
The Districts Perform At Electric Ballroom In London - Alternative View
The Best Guitar Effects Pedals of 2018
A rundown of the most exciting, innovative effects pedals released i…
Woman using the Grab app on an Apple iPhone 6 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
Apps Are Selling Your Location Data for Ads
The data is traceable to within a few yards of a device's location. …
How 5 Everyday Products Have Changed Through the Ages

Our deodorants, phones, fitness trackers, and more have come a long way since their inception.

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Three Ways to Speed Up a Slow Computer

There are a few simple things you can do that might help.

The Best Action Cameras (That Aren't GoPros)

GoPros have become synonymous with "action cameras," but they're far from the only ones.

50 Great Gadget and Gear Gifts for the Holidays

Whether you're looking for a great pair of headphones, outdoor gear, or gifts for kids, Seniorhelpline' gift guide has you covered.

Watch the Bugatti Chiron Hit Its Electronically Limited Top Speed
The Chiron is electronically limited to 261 MPH from the factory. From the looks of this video, it seems like it has a lot more in it t…
Are Hobby Drones Dead?

New laws could stop criminals, but discourage new pilots.

brain corp robot
Walmart Buys Over 300 Aisle-Cleaning Robots

Get ready for to share the aisles with robots.

The Leafy Green Cyborgs Are Coming

And they show how nature and tech could someday work together.

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Nerf Gun Powered by Hydrogen Is So Powerful It Rips Darts Apart

Do not try this at home. Or anywhere, for that matter.

Scientists Envision Replacing Batteries with a Molten Silicon 'Sun in a Box'

By storing energy at scalding-hot temperatures, solar could be made more viable for everyone.

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amazon warehouse new jersey
Amazon Warehouse Bear Spray Accident Injures Dozens, One Critically

During the busiest time of year, a canister was punctured by an automated machine.

iRobot Roomba 880 Vacuum Cleaning Robot
The Best Robot Vacuums You Can Buy

They're better now than even a few years ago, and worth it for most homeowners.

This Is the $2 Pen That Got Me into Fountain Pens

It's an everyday writing utensil. It's a stocking stuffer. It's a revelation.

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